How to Transfer Data from Android Phone to iPhone SE Plus

March 20, 2018
Mobile phones occupy an increasingly large position in people's hearts. As a result, everyone will be looking for a more powerful and better looking cell phone. Many android users are slowly turning to the iPhone series! For example, the iPhone SE Plus, which has been hotly debated lately, has been well received for its appearance and performance.
The new version of the SE phone has a very high profile, with a touch screen as a whole. On the configuration is the 4G memory plus 64G the collocation of saving memory, in this configuration, the new iPhone SE Plus can update the IOS system, a few times more completely don't have to worry about apple repair iPhone too smooth BUG. The camera has also grown from a single camera to a dual camera, with 12 million hd pixels, and a perfect shot of 4K video.
As soon as the iPhone SE Plus comes out, consumers are rushing to buy one of their own, and they don't want to make one of the better phones. While the phone has been well-received, many are complaining about not wanting to touch the iPhone. Because they don't know how to keep data stored in old phones. They can't work with two mobile phones all the time. How foolish that seemed! Nor can they delete the data. That way, there is only one way to solve the data problem and not hesitate to buy a phone. That is to successfully transfer the data from Android phone to the iPhone SE Plus.
There is always a solution to the problem. For this, someone has developed a software. The software is called Mobile Transfer. Mobile Transfer is the most widely used data transmission tool in the world. It provides the most simple way to transfer all important data including contacts, text messages, photos, videos, music, calendar and so on from phone to phone. What's more,, it not only supports the transfer of mobile phone data between two different systems, but also supports the transfer of mobile data between two different brands. So you don't have to worry about whether it can transfer the data from Android to the iPhone. It also has many other powerful features. If you don't believe me, you can try. Mobile Trans is easy to use, compatible with ios11 and Android 8.0, as well as major vendors such as AT&T, Verizon, Sprint and t-mobile. This software enables you to transfer all the data you want in a simple process. More important than these are its security and reliability. Your personal information will not be disclosed to anyone.
Do you think I'm touting this software? If you still don't believe me. Then follow my steps and try to figure out how to operate the software. You can verify that I am true or false. Next, let's show you how to transfer all your data from an Android phone to iPhone SE Plus with this software.


Directly Transfer All Data from Old Android Phone to iPhone SE Plus


Step 1. Connect your phones to your computer

Download, install and run Mobile Transfer on your computer, then select the "Phone to Phone Transfer" iterm and press the "start" button on the main interface.

Then, you should connect your Android phone and iPhone SE Plus to your computer, and the next window will be displayed a USB connection. Then do a series of USB debugging on your phone. Do this, once your phones are connected to a computer, the software will automatically detect and scan your phone. Then, you can see your phone on both sides of the computer screen. But please attention, please let your Android phone show on the left, iPhone SE Plus on the right. If not, just press the "Flip" button, reposition it as necessary.


Step 2. Transfer whatever you wanted from phone to phone

As you can see, all the transferable data from your Android phone will be listed, now you can tick up those what you want and click on "Start Transfer" to sync them from Android phone to iPhone SE Plus.

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