How to Transfer Data from Android to Huawei Honor V9

Post Day 02/22/2017 11:29

HUAWEI Glory V9 is the second generation products of Glory V series. Under the premise of the continuation of the HUAWEI Glory V8's basic characteristics, it has been improved in some detail and configuration. It is reported that HUAWEI V9 will be equipped with 5.7 inches screen, Kirin 960 series chips, 4000mAh batteries, 6GB memory and other top flagship configuration.
More importantly, HUAWEI V9 will solve the problem of phone stutters for users. Android users often encounter this problem. The longer you use your mobile phone, the slower it runs. If HUAWEI V9 can solve this problem, then HUAWEI V9 replace the existing Android mobile phone is a matter of course.
At this time, we need to transfer the old Android phone data to HUAWEI V9, such as contacts, photos, text messages. How can we transfer them?
If you want to transfer data quickly and easily, you can use Mobile Transfer. It can make Android's phone data transferred to HUAWEI V9. In addition to text messages, contacts, photos, you can also transfer calendar, call history, music, video, app, app data, etc.. Almost all Android phones on the market can use this software, such as Samsung, HUAWEI, HTC, LG, Motolora, ZTE, SONY, OPPO, etc.. Even more critical is that this software is safe, your phone data will not be damaged or leaked in the process of transfer. And you just need three steps to successfully transfer data.


Steps to Transfer All Data from Android to Huawei V9


Step 1. Download and run Mobile Transfer

Click to download the Mobile Transfer on your computer, then install and run it. Then, find "Phone To Phone Transfer" from the window and click "Start" to go on.


Step 2. Connect Android and HUAWEI V9 to PC

Use two USB lines to connect your old Android phone and HUAWEI V9 to your computer. When the connection is successful, the old Android phone should be displayed on the left, while the HUAWEI V9 should be shown on the right. If not, click "Flip" to exchange theirs position.


Step 3. Transfer the selected data to HUAWEI V9

When your phone are detected, there are many transferable items between two phones, please choose the file types that you want. Finally, click on "Start Transfer" to begin sync the selected content to your HUAWEI Honor V9.

Note: In order to successfully transfer all your data, during the whole transferring process, the connection between the phones and the computer must be continuous.

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