How to Transfer Data from Android to Huawei Honor 9

June 10, 2017
Huawei has officially confirmed the launch date for the Honor 9. Last week's leak suggested that the launch would happen on June 20, but a media invitation teased an earlier date, June 12. Now, it's official. The media invitation was correct, and the Honor 9's launch date has been confirmed for June 12. An official poster featuring popular Chinese actor and singer Hu Ge reveals the launch date, and given his pose, it appears that the camera will be a main feature of this device. The launch event will happen in Shanghai, and a European market launch will follow in Berlin, on June 27.

But for the replacement of the mobile phone is indeed a little trouble, that ishow to quickly put the old cell phone data migration to new phone? Now more and more important data stored in our mobile phones. When we switch our phone, we need totransfer a myriad of data, such as contacts, text messages, photos, music, videos, call history, calendar, application, application date and so on. So is there any way to be able to more easily, seamlessly, and correctly transfer the date within the Android mobile phone to the Huawei Honor 9?
Mobile Transfer can lets you to directly transfer all data from any Android phone to Huawei Honor 9 seamlessly without any data loss. It can it can not only transfer contacts, text messages, photos, music, videos, call history, app, APP data, etc. and it also has a simple step , which makes it extremely easy for us to use it. In addition, It's safe and risk-free, and all content it transfers is 100% the same as the original one. Mobile Transfer It is worthy of our trust.


This software provides two versions both for Window users and Mac OS users. For Windows as Window 10/8.1/8/7/Vista/XP, and for Mac OS as Mac OS X 10.6.8 and later. Also each one has a free trial version and a paid full version. The trial version just can transfer a limited amount of files while the full version can transfer an unlimited numbers of files. Choose the appropriate version you want and click download. 


Steps to Transfer All Data from Old Android Phone to Huawei Honor 9

Step 1: Download the Software and Install It

First of all, please click the above buttons to download the software to your computer, once download is finished, install the software on your computer.


Step 2: Choose Your Appropriate Solution

When the program is already successfully installed on your computer, launch the program. The interface of the program will be showed on the screen, you will see different choices of solution on it. It means the software is asking you which task is the one you want to do. Here you click on “Phone to Phone Transfer” button.


Step 3: Connect Both of Your Android and Huawei Honor 9 with the Computer

Connect your old Android phone and Huawei Honor 9 to your computer with the USB cable. If you want to transfer the contacts to Huawei Honor 9, Huawei Honor 9 should be shown on the right side. If not, just click "Flip".


Step 4. Transfer the Selected File from Android to Huawei Honor 9

In this part, you would see the directory in the middle of thewindow. Please select the data you need to transfer. Then, click "Start Transfer" and wait until it finishes.

Tips: Please keep your two phones being connected normally to your PC in the whole process.
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