Transfer Data Contacts from Android to Huawei Honor 7X

September 15, 2017
HUAWEI has been following the mobile phone market trends and make corresponding measures, and constantly introduce new machines to adapt to the new changes. Recently, HUAWEI Honor 7X attracted a number of Android mobile phone users. 
HUAWEI Honor 7X adopted the classic three piece design of metal, and it also placed the USB interface and speakers at the bottom. In addition, in terms of configuration, it is said to carry Kirin 670 chip, and it use 4GB RAM and 32GB/64GB ROM portfolio, so that its running is very smoothly. At the same time, it also uses a 4000mAh battery, the overall endurance is strong. It is worth mentioning that HUAWEI Honor 7X is equipped with a 12 million pixel dual camera combination, which can also give users a new experience and visual feeling. As can be seen from these configurations, the performance of the Honor 7X is very good. 

Even if HUAWEI Honor 7X's performance is good, many Android users have not made up their minds to buy it. One of the reasons is that Android users worry about old Android phone data can not be transferred to the new HUAWEI Honor 7X, such as contacts, photos. And for this problem, I have a way to solve it.
Phone to Phone Transfer can make data transfer easier and more convenient. It is a professional data transfer software that supports the transfer of data, such as text messages, photos, videos, music, contacts, calendars, app data, and so on. Because of its strong compatibility, you can use it on a variety of Android devices, including HUAWEI, Samsung, LG, ZTE, SONY, OPPO, vivo, and so on. In addition, other mobile devices are also supported, such as iPhone. As a result, you can transfer data between two different phones without any effort. Of course, it use simple step, just three steps. Well, then let's look at the steps of Phone to Phone Transfer in detail. 

Step 1.Download and run MobileTrans on computer
Download and install MobileTrans on your computer. Run it and choose "Phone to Phone Transfer" from the primary window.

Step 2. Connect Android phone and HUAWEI Honor 7X to PC
Connect your phones to your computer with two USB lines. When the phones are successfully identified by the software, Android phone should be displayed on the left, HUAWEI Honor 7X should be displayed on the right. If not, click "Flip".

Step 3. Transfer contacts and photos to HUAWEI Honor 7X
You need to check contacts and photos between two mobile phones. And then click on "Start Transfer". Finally, the MobileTrans will start to transfer your contacts and photos data from Android phone to HUAWEI Honor 7X.
In the process of transfer, please wait until the contacts and photos transfer is complete. And you need keep your Android phone and HUAWEI Honor 7X are connected well.

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