Transfer Data Photos Contacts from Android to HTC U11 Plus

October 23, 2017
HTC will launch HTC U11 Plus in November. HTC U11 Plus is mainly upgrading the screen compared with HTC U11. It will be equipped with JDI 5.99 inches LCD display, 2880x1440 resolution, and screen ratio of 18:9. In addition, HTC U11 Plus passed the national 3C certification. HTC U11 Plus will also configure Qualcomm snapdragon 835 processor, 6GB memory, 64GB/128GB storage. In addition, the rear is a 12 million pixel primary lens, and the front is an 8 million pixel lens.

As far as I'm concerned, the configuration of HTC U11 Plus is enough to meet my daily requirements. But as it happens, my old Android mobile phone screen is broken, I'd rather buy a new phone, though it can still be used. And HTC U11 Plus can be a good choice. But I need to move the photos and contacts from the old Android phone to the new phone, because these two kinds of data are important. The question is, how do I transfer photos and contacts from old Android phones to HTC U11 Plus?
For your problem, I strongly recommend Phone to Phone Transfer. Phone to Phone Transfer is a software that allows people to transfer data in different mobile devices. In other words, you can directly transfer data between different Android phones, such as from Samsung to HTC, from HUAWEI to HTC. And it also supports other system devices, such as iPhone. And the transferable data types include photos, contacts, call history, text messages, calendars, videos, music, etc.. What's more, MobileTrans is simple, convenient and secure. The entire transfer process takes only three steps - installing software, connecting phones and transferring. And the phone data will get 100% protection throughout the process.

Step 1. Install MobileTrans to your computer
First, please download MobileTrans to your computer. After installation and launch, select "Phone To Phone Transfer" from the main interface.

Step 2. Connect Android and HTC U11 Plus to the computer
Prepare two USB lines to connect your Android and HTC U11 Plus. When the phone are recognized by the program, they are displayed in the screen on both sides-the old Android phone on the left, HTC U11 Plus on the right. If not, click on "Flip" to adjust their positions.

Step 3. Transfer contacts and photos to HTC U11 Plus
Finally, you can see that the data that can be transferred is displayed between two phones. According to your needs, you only need to check the contacts and photos, and then click "Start Transfer".

Note: in the process, you have to keep the connection between the phone and the computer normal.
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