How to Transfer Data from Android to Honor 9X

July 09, 2019
Summary´╝ÜIf you want to quickly and efficiently transfer desired data from an Android phone to Honor 9X, you can follow the following guidelines and try using Phone to Phone Transfer to complete the transfer.
Recently, new information about Huawei Honor 9X has been constantly coming out. Huawei Corporation has officially announced that Honor 9X will be officially released in Xi'an on July 23. The theme of the publicity is: Quick from "core", which is a product destined not to be low-key. This Honor 9X upgrades from performance, speed, core and wisdom. What is more attractive is that the data show that Honor 9X will carry Kirin 810 chip. Kirin 810 adopts Huawei Da Vinci architecture NPU for the first time. Da Vinci Cube is a tensor-quantized three-dimensional operation unit. It has three core characteristics: excellent energy efficiency, many operators and high precision. It can greatly improve the AI computing power per unit area, and use self-developed intermediate operator format to greatly increase the compatibility of Huawei HiAi. At the same time, Kirin 810 also greatly optimizes the resolution of image details, optimizes video anti-shake, predicts the GPU load is too high and adjusts in time, so as to bring more abundant end-to-side AI experience for mobile phone users.
If there is a lot of data you need on an Android phone, such as some applications, files, contacts, etc. that are closely related to your business, and some photos, videos, music that you usually like. But because your mobile phone is Honor9, you want the data to be quickly transferred to your commonly used Honor9 so that you can view it when you need it. What you need to consider at this point is data transfer. In fact, in our daily life, we often encounter a lot of data transmission problems between Android phones, such as the replacement of a new phone, such as another phone with the data you need. In fact, there are many ways of data transfer, the key is to find a time-saving, labor-saving, fast and efficient solution. This article is to recommend a new data transfer tool called Phone to Phone Transfer, which can easily transfer data from Android to your Honor9X and solve the data transfer problem between almost all your Android phones.
Best Method: Transfer data from Android to Honor 9X with Phone To Phone Transfer.
Phone to Phone Transfer is a new Android data transmission tool designed to solve the data transfer problem of all Android users. With a few simple steps, you can transfer the required data from an Android phone to your Honor 9X. The whole process is uninterrupted, fast and efficient. It is a professional data transmission software. The software allows you to transfer various types of data, including photos, videos, music, contacts, files, etc. It first scans all the data on Android phones, and then you only need to select the required one-click transfer to achieve batch data transfer. In addition, in order to meet your actual needs, the Phone to Phone Transfer has a strong compatibility, which applies to almost all Android smartphones, including Huawei, Samsung, ZTE, Oppo and all its models. So you can not only use it to transfer data from Android phone to Honor 9X, but also use it to transfer data between any two Android phones. Therefore, the software is very practical and trustworthy, and it is a practical mobile assistant.
Models Included: Huawei Honor 8X/9X/9N,etc.
Data Included: contacts, call history, photos, videos, notes and more.

Now we will introduce you to the detailed steps of transferring data from Android to Huawei Honor 9X.
Step 1: Install Phone to Phone Transfer on your computer.
After downloading and installing the "Phone to Phone Transfer" program on your computer. You can start it by double-clicking to get the main interface.

Step 2: Connect Android and Honor 9X to your computer.
Connect the Android phone and Honor 9X to your PC using two USB cables. The device name will display "Source" and "Destination" in the program interface. You can set the Android phone to "Source"  and theHonor 9X to "Destination" by clicking "Flip" between phones, and data will be transferred from "Source" to "Destination". Then click on the "Start" button, it will automatically scan all the data of the Android phone and show you.

Step 3: Start transferring data from Android to Honor 9X
Now you can get all the data from Android, such as contacts, text messages, files, videos and more. You can preview them and select the data you want. Just click "Transfer". Soon, your data will be transferred directly to Honor 9X.

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