How to Transfer Photos Videos from Huawei to Samsung S8

March 22, 2017
Samsung Galaxy S8 is a new generation of smart phones launched by South Korean Samsung Corp. Samsung has confirmed Galaxy S8 officially released on March 29th, 2017, and the the listing day is April 21st. This phone equip with a 6.2 inch screen, 3750mAh battery, 4GB RAM+64GB ROM memory configuration, launch 256GB version of the capacity. In addition, this phone will cancel the Home key, transfer the  fingerprint recongnition to the back of the fuselage, which is different with the formal generation of Samsung Galaxy. With such a high configuration, everybody believes that Samsung S8 will attract a large number of users.
My friend Neo just need to buy a new phone to replace his old HUAWEI phone, so I recommend him Samsung S8. But there are many important photos and Videos in his old Huawei phone, and he afraid that he will lose his photos and videos after switching his old Huawei phone to Samsung S8. So, what should he do?
As a matter of fact, he just need one software called Mobile Transfer. It is a versatile tool, including backup, delete, transfer and restore backup to the phone. You can use this software to transfer data between your different cellphone, such as text messages, contacts, photos, App, videos, music, etc.. Moreover, the software is safe and secure; it will not damage or lose your phone data. Finally, Mobile Transfer operation steps are simple and convenient, each step has detailed tips.
Here are the Steps to Transfer Photos Videos from Huawei to Samsung S8.


Steps to Transfer Photos Videos from Huawei to Samsung S8

Step 1. Download and launch Mobile Transfer on your computer. Then, you can see the main interface of the program, please select and click "Phone To Phone Transfer".

Step 2. Prepare two USB lines, connect your S8 and your old Huawei phone to your computer with two USB lines. When the phones are displayed on both sides of the window respectively, makes sure that the Huawei phone is on the left, and if not, click on the "Flip" button to exchange it.

Step 3. In this step, you need to select "Photos" and "Videos" and cancel the other to transfer and then click "Start Transfer". Wait for a while, it will be transferred successfully between phones.

It is noteworthy that during the whole process, the connection between the two phones and computers can not be interrupted.
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