Transfer Android Data Contacts to Sony Xperia XZ1/Compact

September 11, 2017
Recently, many customers who are accustomed to using Android mobile phones are wondering what the difference between Sony Xperia XZ1 and Xperia XZ1 Compact when buying new phone. But in fact, they are all equipped with Snapdragon, 835 CPU, and support Hi-Res sound quality playback function, in addition to different screen sizes. The difference is that Xperia XZ1 5.21920 X 1080 resolution screen, support HDR display, 13 million pixel Xperia XZ1 Compact in front of the camera lens, 1/4 sensor, 18mm wide-angle lens ". After resolving people's doubts, people will still be concerned about how to pass data from an old phone to a new one. As long as you install a software called Mobile Transfer on your computer, you don't have to worry about it. You may never hear of Mobile Transfer, but don’t worry and I will tell you.
Mobile Transfer is a data transfer software which can transfer contacts,photos,videos and so on from phone to phone with different system.You can’t even think is that it can also backup and store data. Next I will take how to transfer data from Android to Sony Xperia XZ1/Compact.


Steps to Transfer Data from Android to Sony Xperia XZ1/Compact


Step 1. Choose the Transfer Mode

First of all you can do nothing but download, install and run Mobile Transfer. After the success of the operation, please choose the mode of"phone to phone transfer".


Step 2. Connect the Android and Sony Xperia XZ1/Compact to Your Computer

After then you can connect your Android phone and Sony Xperia XZ1/Compact to your computer via two USB.

Note: I have to remind you that the Android phone as a resource phone is displayed on the left side of the computer, while the Sony Xperia XZ1/Compact as the purpose phone is displayed to the right of the computer. If you want to exchange their location you can click on the "Flip".

Step 3: Transfer All Data from Android to Sony Xperia XZ1/Compact

If it is tested successfully, there will lots of options on the window, then you can choose any data catalog you want to transfer and click on "Star Transfer" to achieve transferring all the data from Android to Sony Xperia XZ1/Compact.

Note: Be sure both of the phone are connected to the computer before finishing the transfer program.
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