How to Fix A Bricked Android Phone

February 25, 2016
"Few days ago, I wanted to upgrade my mobile phone system to delete those useless pre installed applications, which can make my mobile phone concisely and run smoothly. In order to save money I brushed my phone by myself. Unfortunately, my HTC was painted brick. My heart was torn with anxiety. There were lots of significant information in my mobile phone. Luckily I found this website. It was not until I found this website and knew Android Data Recovery that my heart calmed down. Now I share you how to fix a bricked Android Phone." - The feedback from a user.

You may have a doubt that what is Android Data Recovery. Android Data Recovery is an ideal and secure data recovery tool, which enable users to get back the lost or deleted data, including contacts, SMS, audio, photos, WhatsApp messages & attachments and so on from their Android phones and tablets, as well as the SD card data. In addition, it can also fix bricked Android devices with a click. 
The first you should to do is download and install the software on your compute by clicking the below buttons.
Now please follow the below steps to fix your Android phone.

Tutorial: Fix A Bricked Android Phone & Tablet


Step 1. Connect Your Phone and Click the Repairing Button

Firstly you need to run the program on your computer, and connect your bricked Android device to the computer via USB cable, at the same time, click on “Fix My Bricked Phone” on the lower right corner to enter the repairing program.

Step 2. Get Bricked Android Phone Into Download Mode

Choose a phone fault type for your bricked phone to go on.

After selecting the phone fault type, the program will ask you to get your phone into the download mode, it's very easy, just follow the below operation to turn your phone into download mode in three simple steps:
1. Power off your Android device.
2. Press and hold the volume down button, Home button and Power button in the same time.
3. Press the volume up to enter download mode.
Once your device has been got into the download mode, the program will automatically detect your phone and show the information of your phone on the window, including the device model, Android version etc.

Step 3. Return Your Phone to Normal State

To be continue, please press "Next". Then the Android Data Recovery will automatically download the recovery package for your phone to fix the abnormal Android OS, after a while, when the download is completed, your phone will restart and boot into Android.

As the majority of the bricked Android users to got theirs significant information back by using this way, what are you still waiting for?
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