Transfer Photos Videos from Samsung to Samsung J3/J5/J7

December 16, 2016
Nowadays, more and more people pay more attention on internet. There is no doubt that internet develops faster and faster, and mobile phone play a important role in our lives. Therefore, It's normal that a person will have 2 or more mobile phone. However, if you have 2 or more mobile phone, you will use them at different times. Then, the data of your mobile phones will be different. If the battery of mobile phone which has a lot of important data is out, what do you do?
From my view, it's necessary and clever that transfer data from your phone to another phone. For example, you can transfer photos and videos if you want to watching them by you mobile phone whether you use which. if you want to transfer photos videos from Samsung to Samsung J3/J5/J7, which method will you choose? Actually, there are a large number of methods and softwares and help you finish the job. For example, I will recommended a software called Mobile Transfer to you because it really helps a lot. 
It's undeniable that Mobile Transfer is wonderful and superb software. Although there are many softwares on the market, Mobile Transfer is popular with people. Take me as a example, I successfully transferred photos and videos from my Samsung phone to Samsung J5. I found that it's really useful. Actually, Mobile Transfer has many functions. On the one hand, It could transfer phone to phone and back up phone. On the other hand, it also can help user restore from backups. In my opinion, it's a good software to help you slove the problem of mobile phone. If you want to transfer photos videos from Samsung to Samsung J3/J5/J7 by Mobile Transfer, you can try the steps below.


Steps to Transfer Photos Videos from Samsung to Samsung J3/J5/J7


Step 1. Connect your device to the computer

First and foremost, you should install Mobile Transfer. Besides, you should open Mobile Transfer and select the function of "Phone to Phone Transfer". "Phone to Phone Transfer" can help you directly transter all your data.

After choosing, you need connect both of your devices to computer by the USB cables of your devices. The data will be transferred from the source device to the destination one. Therefore, You need choose the the source device and the destination device.

Note: You can click on "Flip" button can exchange their position with ease.


Step 2. Choose the file and start to transfer

Actually, the step is very easy. To begin with, you need choose and check up the files which you would like to transfer. Then, please transfer data by clicking on the button of "Start Transfer".

Note: Please don't disconnect the devices until it's complete! And the button which called "Clear Data before Copy" can help you erase data on the destination phone before copying the new data.


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