How to Transfer Data from Samsung to Samsung A90?

July 23, 2019
Summary: Has your Samsung phone been upgraded to a higher configuration Galaxy A90? This article will teach you a simple way to quickly transfer all data (including contacts, photos, videos, WhatsApp messages, etc.) to the new Samsung Galaxy A90
The Samsung Galaxy A90 is Samsung's upcoming mid-range smartphone, which replaced the Galaxy A80 smartphone and later became Samsung's first mobile phone with a sliding camera design. It is rumored that the Samsung Galaxy A90 will be officially released in August this year. According to some media reports, the phone will be equipped with a 6.70-inch touch screen with a resolution of 1080x2240 pixels.The Samsung Galaxy A90 is probably the first mobile phone to receive Samsung's 45W fast charging support. With 45W fast charging support, we can expect the Galaxy A90 to be replenished in as long as 30 minutes. Additional details about the Galaxy A90 show that the phone will have full-screen design, no gaps, high-end camera settings, powerful SoC, Android 9 Pie-based OneUI and high-capacity battery, and will be equipped with flying in its triple or quad camera settings. Time (ToF) sensor.
If you are a person who likes a Samsung mobile phone or intends to change a new Samsung mobile phone, then you may also be concerned about the upcoming Samsung Galaxy A90. Want to get started with this high-profile phone? Before that, I believe that you will definitely consider the issue of mobile data transfer. Because old mobile phones store a lot of data, such as photos, music, work files, notes, etc., these data are related to our daily life habits and even business work. How to quickly transfer a large amount of data so that the new phone can replace the old phone as a small assistant we carry with us? Due to the large amount of data, the storage location of the data on the mobile phone is different. It is difficult to find the storage location of the data one by one, and then use the common tools such as Bluetooth and USB to transmit it little by little. It seems that inefficiency, time-consuming and laborious work is indeed an annoying thing. So, is there a more efficient way to replace these traditional data transfer tools? The answer is yes. Keep reading this article and you'll learn how to quickly transfer data from your old Android phone to the new Samsung Galaxy A90.
Best Method: Transfer data from Samsung to Samsung Galaxy A90 with Phone To Phone Transfer.
To help you transfer data from your old Samsung phone to a new, more configured Samsung Galaxy A90 faster and use your new phone faster, we recommend using Phone To Phone Transfer as your tool of choice. Because it is a professional data transmission software, it has high transmission efficiency, high security and practicality. You can transfer data in bulk, including SMS, video, audio, contacts, photos, applications, documents and other types of data in just a few simple steps. If you have a lot of important data stored on your old Android phone, if you are very concerned about the efficiency of data transfer, you can use Phone To Phone Transfer for data transfer. In addition, it has strong compatibility, Phone to Phone Transfer is a software that can be used not only for Samsung phones, but also for any other Android phone. It is worth mentioning that even if there is a fault on the old mobile phone, Phone To Phone Transfer can flexibly detect the data and transfer it quickly, allowing you to solve complex data transmission problems in a simple step.
Models Included: Samsung Galaxy A90/A70/A50/A30,etc.
Data Included: text messages, call history, contacts, photos, music, files and more.

Below we will demonstrate how to transfer data from a Samsung phone to the Samsung Galaxy A90.
Step 1: Download and install Phone To Phone Transfer.
After downloading and installing the "Phone To Phone Transfer" program on your computer, start the program on your computer and enter the main interface.

Step 2: Connect your mobile device to your computer using two USBs.
When the old Samsung phone and the new Samsung Galaxy A90 are connected to the PC respectively, the two devices will be displayed as “Source” and “Destination” on the PC, and the data will be transferred from “Source” to “Destination. You need Set the old Samsung phone to “Source” and the Samsung Galaxy A90 to “Destination.” You can adjust the location by clicking the “Flip” button between the phones, then click the “Start” button. Phone To Phone Transfer will automatically scan the data of the "Source" device and display it.

Step 3: Copy the data and transfer it to the Samsung Galaxy A90.
After step 2, you can get all the data of the old Samsung data, click on the data you need, such as contacts, photos, information, etc., and then click "Transfer", so you can safely and quickly copy the data to Samsung Galaxy A90. After waiting for the transfer progress to complete, click the OK button.

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