Transfer Data Contacts from Samsung to Galaxy A7/A8/A9

November 09, 2016
The camera of my Samsung S4 is broken again. I don't want to fix it twice, so I want to buy a new cell phone. Samsung A8’s the price is cheap. In addition, in terms of taking pictures, it is configured with a 16 million pixel + 500 pixel camera combination, photographed strength is also very outstanding. More importantly, the Samsung Galaxy A8 support fast camera starting, in any interface, just press HOME button two times, you can quickly enter the camera interface, so you won't miss any wonderful moments. So I am very optimistic about A8 and intends to buy. And my question is, I would like to transfer the old Samsung mobile phone contacts to the new phone, but I do not know whether can transfer data between the two mobile phones.

In addition to Samsung A8, Samsung A7 and A9 are also very good. So, users who buy this series of mobile phones may also encounter the above problems, and then I will answer it, when you need to transfer the old Samsung mobile phone data to the new phone, what can you do. Next I will take the transfer contact as an example.
You can use Mobile Transfer to solve this kind of problem. Because this is a professional and practical data transfer software. Why say this software is professional? Because it can transfer mobile phone data in different systems and the data can transfer is also very rich. In addition, it is compatible with a variety of mobile phone brands, such as iPhone, Samsung, HUAWEI, HTC, etc., to be able to meet your needs as much as possible. And its practicability is embodied in the function aspect. The software has four functions, namely, transfer, backup, delete data, and restore the backup data to the computer.


Steps to Transfer All Data from Old Galaxy to Samsung A7/A8/A9

Step 1. Please download the Mobile Transfer to your computer, and then install and launch it according to the prompts. At this point, because you need to transfer data, so click "Phone to Phone Transfer" and press "Start".

Step 2. Please connect both of your old Samsung and A7/A8/A9 to the computer, so you need to prepare two USB lines. In order to accurately transfer the mobile phone data, you need to confirm the old Samsung phone is displayed on the left, and the new  A7/A8/A9 is displayed on the right. If the location of the two mobile phones is changed, you can click on the "Flip".

Step 3. When your phones are recognized, you can transfer your cell phone data now. In the middle of the two mobile phones, there is a list of data items, check the types of files like "Contacts" and so on. Then, click "Start Transfer". Wait until all the data is transferred completely, click "OK".

Note that when you begin to transfer data, the state of the connection between the two mobile phones and computers is normal.


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