How to Transfer Data Contacts from Samsung to Samsung S10?

December 18, 2018
Since the emergence of the Liu Haiping screen of the iPhone X, it has become very popular, as well as the full screen that can be seen everywhere on the market. Samsung has stabilized its design, as it has not changed the upper frame in the past. Samsung has also received special attention for its unique features. The heat of Samsung Galaxy note 9 has not disappeared, and the rendering of Samsung Galaxy S10 has been exposed so unconsciously.
Samsung S10 is said that it still adopts the previous generation of design, hyperboloid, 6.2 inch AMOLED screen, larger than S9, S10, has up to 90% of the screen, screen pixels are 2960 x 1440, screen color comfort is very high. The upper frame is still relatively wide, but compared with the previous frame, the border is handled very well, the width is very narrow, now the market is popular drip screen and Liu Haiping, but Samsung still adheres to its own ideas, do not want to be assimilated in the market. Surprisingly, Samsung actually removed the lower frame this time. The lower frame has been relatively obscure under the screen. Samsung finally removed the lower frame at S10. Samsung said before that it did not remove the lower frame because the technology was immature. Now it should be able to use this technology. The screen glass of Samsung is the sixth generation of Kangning gorilla glass. The quality of the screen glass is certainly not to worry about.
With so many attractive advantages and anvanced conditions, the trend that Samsung S10 will be prevalent between thousands of mobile phone users is becoming increasingly obivious. Convincing that many Samsung fanatics are looking forward to bring it home. However, today I am not going to introduce this kind of phone to you purely. Instead, when people give up their old phones to buy the new ones, the transfer between data and data is essential. When you encounter this problem, what will you do? Slowly type them in one after another? Of course not, here I recommend you an effecetive mobile phone application called Mobile Transfer, saving your time and increasing the efficiency. Supported different kinds of network, Mobile Transfer can easily Transfer Data from your old Phone to the new one, between Android, Symbian,BlackBerry, WinPhone and iPhone devices each other. If use this software, just one click, and you can transfer any data including Contacts,Text messages(SMS), Music, Videos, Apps and more.
The following paragharps are mainly talking about how to transfer Data Contacts from Samsung to Samsung S10.

Step 1. Download, install and run the Mobile Transfer.
To begin with, please download the Mobile Transfer on your computer by means of logging in the official website or clicking the two links above relying on the versions you are using. Then install and run the software according to the hints.
After it run, please choose the "Phone to Phone Transfer" to continue.

Step 2. Connect your old Samsung phone and Samsung S10 to your computer via the USB cable.
After you sucessfully connected your two phones, please enable USB debugging on both of them. When it completes the detecting process, please check the directions the two phones show. One thing you have to make sure is that your Samsung S10 must
be showed on the right of the window interface. 

Tips: If the direction of the two phones doen't match what I mentioned before, please turn around the directions by clicking. on the "Flip" button.
Step 3. Select and Start the process of transfering Data Contacts.
Then, you will catch sight of the contents that can be transfered in the middle. Just select the "Contacts" option, and press the "Start Transfer" to continue. 

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