How to Transfer Contacts from Samsung Galaxy to Galaxy S7

January 17, 2016

The media has been exposed more information on Samsung Galaxy S7's configuration. Galaxy S7 invited to Google's engineers to help optimize and improve TouchWiz (touch technology), allegedly the actual experience enough to match with iOS 9.

Galaxy S7 may be listed in March 2016, its shape will basically consistent with the Samsumg Galaxy S6, meanwhile, S7 also provides pressure screen, USB Type-C interface, fast charging, and memory expansion capabilities, the processor includes a Samsung Exynos 8890 and Qualcomm Snapdragon 820.
The Samsung Galaxy S7 is expected to be four versions, including the 5.2-inch non-side screen of S7, 5.2-inch side screen of S7 Edge, 5.7-6 inch non-side screen of S7 Plus, and 5.7-6 inch side screen of S7 Edge Plus. Besides, Galaxy S7 built 4GB of RAM, the highest version up to 128GB of storage space, the front camera is 800 million pixels, rear camera is 20 million pixels, support phase focusing and optical image stabilization feature, added S-Voice voice assistant, support Samsung Pay service, etc.
Although Samsung ground-breaking to pushed the Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge in the earlier, but there are still a significant portion of users stick using the old Samsung phone, just like Galaxy S3/S4/S5, Galaxy Note 2/3/4, Samsung Galaxy Ace, and so on. So, Samsung Galaxy S7's launch will certainly attract a lot of old Samsung phone users to buy it. When getting a new phone, almost all the users will firstly sync theirs contacts from the old phone to the new one, so as they can enjoy the new device as soon as possible. Transferring contacts between Samsung is not a novel topic, but not all methods are desirable, in this article we will show you a reliable, secure and effective way to transfer contacts, as well as text messages, call history, calendar, apps, photos, videos and music, from your old Samsung phone to the new Galaxy S7 in just 3 simple steps with the help of Mobile Transfer.
Mobile Transfer is the highest utilization rate data transfer software on the market, which not only enables you to transfer any phone data from one Samsung to another, but also allows switching data between iOS, Android, Symbian, Windows and even BlackBerry devices.
Before you can sync your Samsung contacts, now please free download a Wins-version or Mac-version of Mobile Transfer on your computer, and follow the belows steps to have a try.

Three Steps to Transfer Contacts from Samsung Galaxy Phone to Galaxy S7


Step 1. Launch the program and connect both of your phones

After the installation, run the transfer software on your computer, as you can see, there are four functional modules on the homepage, please select the "Phone to Phone Transfer" module, and press "Start" to go on.
On the next screen, you will be asked to connect your phones, just take out your USB cables to connect both of your Samsung phones to this computer. When your phone are recognized, you will appear on the program.
Note: Please ensure that the old Samsung phone as the source phone is on the left, and the Galaxy S7 is on the right. If you find that they are not on the right place, please click "Flip" to exchange theirs position.

Step 2. Select the data you want to transfer

Once your old phone is detected, all the transferable contents on your old Samsung phone will be listed in the middle of program, including contacts, text messages, call history, calendar, apps, photos, videos and music. If you just want to transfer your contacts, please tick the check box in front of the "Contacts" option.

Step 3. Transfer Contacts from old Samsung phone to Galaxy S7

After selecting the data you want, click on "Start Transfer" to let the program begins switching all of them from the old phone to Galaxy S7.
Note: Just a moment can be completed, in order to ensure that goes well, please make sure that both of your phone are connected well during the whole transfering processus.
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