How to Transfer Photos from Samsung to Galaxy S8?

October 20, 2016
The first half of 2016 has passed, I come to know that so many people anticipating the new Samsung products--Samsung Galaxy s8. Yes, Samsung will be released Samsung Galaxy S8 mobile phone in the first quarter of 2017. People have speculated that it is expected to be equipped with a new camera system. 
If that were true, then there is no doubt that the Samsung Galaxy S8's photo effect will be even more amazing. Of course,the focus can not be separated from the photos in the new Samsung Galaxy S8 mobile phone. Photos in our mobile phone is records our life. Occasionally when we sit down and browse photos, we may recall the experience of some people or things. Many people may said: losing a mobile phone is not terrible, the Most poignantly is that the photos in our mobile phone will never come back. So you can see the importance to transfer photos from the old Samsung Galaxy S2/S3/S4/S5/S6/S7, galaxy note 2/3/4/5/7, galaxy J1/J2/J3/J5/J7, galaxy A3/A5/A7/A8/A9 to the new Samsung Galaxy S8/S8 Edge. Then the question becomes that "How to Transfer Photos from Samsung Galaxy to Samsung Galaxy S8? Please continue to read, this article will answers to your confusion.
Here, we will recommend you the thire-party Samsung Transfer tool which can easily sync photos, videos, contacts, text messages, music, calendar from old Samsung galaxy S8, and also have another Feature to erase all data from Android Samsung Galaxy permanently.


This example is about "How to Transfer Photos from Samsung to Galaxy S8?" for your reference.


Steps to Transfer Photos/Pictures from Old Galaxy to Samsung S8

Step 1: Download and install “Mobile Trans” on your PC, then you can see an interface, use the USB data lines to connect the Samsung mobile phone and Samsung Galaxy S8 to your PC.

Step 2: After both mobile phones connected to the PC through the USB data line successfully, we can open the mobile phone, and see the USB connection at the top tip, then we open the drop-down notification bar, select the "USB options" . Confirm the connection is correct, choose your old Samsung mobile phone's "source" and new Samsung Galaxy S8’s "destination". If they are not in the proper place, you must click on the "flip" button and then change it’s position.

Step 3: You should confirm the old Samsung mobile phone’s photos, confirmed that which photos are your needed to transfer. Click the “start copy” button. Wait for a moment, after the transfer is complete, click “OK” button. All of the personal photos you needed are totally transfer to new Samsung Galaxy S8.

Following this way, you can be simply to transfer all of your data from the old Samsung mobile phone to new Samsung Galaxy S8, such as photos, videos, files, contacts, text messages, call records etc. There is no matter what your mobile phone is running Android system or iOS system, you can quickly to finish the data transformation. By the way, backup phone data from time to time can be more effective to prevent your personal data from losses.
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