How to Transfer Photos from Samsung Galaxy Note 8 to Compute

October 31, 2017
In the modern life, cellphone become an significant part of our life. It seems crazy, but it’s a fact. Why mobile phones are so important? I think it could take and store conveniently  are the reasons why we need it awfully.A few days ago, Samsung Galaxy Note 8 was released. As we all known, Samsung is do well in its camera which attractives people from all over the world. More attractive, Samsung Galaxy Note 8 has a stronger shooting function. It has a 12 million pixel camera. A double OIS optical image stabilization, phase focusing, 3D depth sensing, super night shot and intelligent auto focus are some of its powerful function.
So many people might buy a Samsung Galaxy Note 8. However, people must be confronted a problem that the clear photos are so big that occupy the memory of phone. What if the photos in the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 are accidentally lost? It sounds greatly sad. Therefore, I recommended you to use a software to back up your photos from your phone to your computer. The app named Mobile Transfer is a terrific good choice.
Mobile Transfer is an outstanding data transfer tool that possess many functions. Not only can you transfer data from one phone to another phone, but you can back up your phone’s data to your computer by using this software.
What is more, the program is pretty safety. You don't have to worry about its speed, because it could back up your data in few seconds. It is suitable for different phone brands such as Samsung, iPhone ,Huawei ,HTC ,LG, Sony ,OPPO, ViVo, Motolora and so on. The method that how to use it is very esay. Here I will introduce the steps to you.

Step to Transfer Photos from Samsung Galaxy Note 8 to Computer

Step 1. Connect your Galaxy Note 8 to the computer

First, download and install the Mobile Transfer. Then run the program on your computer, and click "Back Up Your Phone" in the primary window.

Then please get your Samsung Galaxy Note 8 connected to the computer via a USB cable.


Step 2. Choose the file and start to backup

When your phone is recognized, all the transferable files are displayed in the middle of the window. Check the file types like photos and then click "Start Transfer". The data backup begins.

Just wait and till it's completed, the process will not spend too much of your time, of coures, this depends on the amount of your data. Remember not to disconnect the phone and the computer, or the transmission will be interrupted.


Step 3. Check your backup file

When the backup process is complete, you can click on the pop-up window to access it. Or you can go to the settings to find the backup file. Of cause, you also can change the path of your backup file there.

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