Transfer Note 2/3/4 Data Contacts Messages to Galaxy S7

January 05, 2016
With the approaching release, the Samsung GALAXY S7 latest news almost every day are exposed. Recently, @evleaks wrote an articles to disclose Samsung GALAXY S7 series in all aspects of information on the site Venturebeat, including touch screen, battery, processor and camera, waterproof and dustproof function, larger capacity batteries and loading 1200 megapixel large-size sensors.
The article discloses that Samsung GALAXY S7 and S7 edge will be re-enabled memory card expansion capabilities, can be extended to up to 200GB of capacity. Waterproof and dustproof function, will also serve as a new feature GALAXY S7 and S7 edge, which means that even if the user in a more demanding environment, do not worry about damage to the phone.
The touch screen size of Samsung GALAXY S7 is still 5.1 inches, while the curved screen version of the GALAXY S7 edge is 5.5 inches, and two models will use the Super AMOLED panel and have the same 2K resolution, but will increase a function which called "Always On Display", with the pop-up screen shows some downloads and other information, however, due to the AMOLED touch screen does not show the black pixels, it will consume very little battery power.
Although the Samsung GALAXY S7 and S7 edge still can not replace the battery, but in order to get better endurance performance, Samsung will increase battery capacity. Among them, the Samsung GALAXY S7 battery capacity increased from the previous 2550mAh to 3000mAh; while GALAXY S7 edge increased from the previous 2600mAh to 3600mAh. Moreover, their wireless charging time will be shortened, GALAXY S7 need 2 hours to fully charged, while GALAXY S7 edge need 2.2 hours. As for the processor, for different market, Samsung GALAXY S7 and S7 edge have different processor version.

On the Samsung GALAXY S7 and S7 edge of camera configuration, @evleaks confirmed that Samsung will be equipped with 12 million pixel camera, although its pixels will lower than the Samsung GALAXY S6, but with a larger aperture of f1.7 lens, which is thought to have better photographic effect in low light conditions. In addition, the new camera will bid farewell to the past GALAXY S6 convex shape, reportedly will use large-size sensor, as the front lens is still five million pixels.
With the approaching flagship GALAXY S series release cycle, we did a survey on the willingness of the replacing a Galaxy S7, the results showed that over 67.4 percent of old Samsung phone users are willing to buy a new Galaxy S7, and not surprisingly, almost all of the respondents will transfer data from phone to phone after getting a new phone. While, how to transfer your personal data from old Samsung phone to the new Galaxy S7 or S7 Edge? Please don't worry, in this article, we will take Galaxy Note series as an example, to show how to transfer data including contacts, photos, text messages, calendar, apps, music, videos and more from Samsung Galaxy Note 2/3/4 to Galaxy S7 or Galaxy S7 Edge with the help of Phone Transfer.
As everyone knows, Phone Transfer is an secure and professional data transfer software, here we are not described in detail again, just free download a trial version on your Windows or Mac computer, and follow the steps below to move any of your data with a click now.

Transfer Data Contacts Messages and More From Galaxy Note 2/3/4 to Galaxy S7 (Edge)

Step 1. Open the Phone Transfer after installing, then choose "Phone to Phone Transfer" option on the homepage and press "Start" to go on.
Step 2. Connect both of your Galaxy Note phone and Galaxy S7 to the same computer by using their USB data lines.
The software will detect them soon, please make sure that the Galaxy Note phone as the source phone is displayed on the left, and the Galaxy S7 as the destination is displayed on the right, if you find that they are misplaced, just simple click "Filp" to amend without re-connect your phones.
Step 3. Once the program detects both of you phones, you can select the data you want to transfer in the middle panel, and click on "Start Transfer" to move them to the new phone.
Then all the data are complete transfer, click "OK" to close the window, but please keep your phones connected during the whole transfer process.
In addition to sync data from phone to phone, Phone Transfer also has two outstanding features: Back up data from phone to computer, and restore data from backup file to supported phone. So, if you ever backed your phone data up, you can also transfer data from your backup file to the new phone with a click by using this software. The program can recognizes Kies backup, iTunes backup, iCloud backup, OneDrive backup, BlackBerry backup and more.

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