Transfer Contacts from Samsung to Samsung C5/C7/C9

October 05, 2016
Living in a society which is made of human, and human contact is inevitable,nobody can only live in their own world. And with the progress of science and technology, we have contact with people is not limited to writing letters or face-to-face contact, and now more is to contact through the phone. So each of us in our mobile phone record our family and friends, work colleagues' contact, and these data are not a time we put in, but in our process of growing up slowly to meet new friends and new partners accumulated. So, for those who are not careful, it is possible that they only have the way to record the contact person's cell phone.
And for me, I am one of those who are not careful. So, if my cell phone is lost or mobile phone is broken and I want to change the phone, it will be very troublesome. Although, of course, your family and friends are very close friends and of course, in addition to mobile phone contact, you will soon be able to ask their cell phone number, but others are not so easy. I have been looking for a way to get a contact from my old Galaxy phone to Samsung Galaxy C7, so we don't have to worry about losing the contact when changing the smart phone. I was very fortunate not long ago, I learned from a friend who works in the software to realize that my idea is actually very simple, as long as I download a software called Mobile Transfer in my computer.
Mobile Transfer is the outstanding data transfer software which is applicable to a variety of mobile phone transmission. It has a very wide range of transmission, including calendar, contacts, SMS, photos, apps, videos and so on. Below I will introduce how to transfer contacts from your old Samsung phone to Samsung Galaxy C5/C7/C9 by using this program.



Steps to Transfer Contacts from Samsung to Samsung C5/C7/C9



Step 1. Run the Mobile Transfer and Choose a Transfer Mode

First of all, you should download the software on your computer, then install and run it. After then you will see four options in the main interface, click on "Phone to Phone Transfer" and press "Start" to go on.


Step 2. Connect Your Phones to Your Computer

For this step, you should connect your phones to computer by using two USB lines.

Be sure that the source phone (old Galaxy phone) is display on the left of the computer, and the destination phone (Samsung Galaxy C5/C7/C9) is on the right of the computer, if not, you can simple clicking "Flip" to exchange their place.


Step 3. Transfer Contacts to Samsung C5/C7/C9

After your phones are connected successfully, the middle interface would display some options, you just select “Contacts” and click ”Start Transfer”.

Note: Be sure that your phones are attached to your computer during the whole transfer process.
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