How to Transfer Photos Videos from Samsung to Galaxy J2

August 06, 2016
My Galaxy S2's screen was broken. I want to buy a cheap mobile phone to temporarily replace the old mobile phone. My friend recommended me that J2 is quite good. The phone configuration is an entry-level, and the price is very cheap. So I decided to buy a J2. My old Samsung mobile phone stores some of the recently photos and videos which is my work needs, so in order to facilitate the work, I need to transfer the old phone photos and videos to the new Galaxy J2, is there any simple way to recommend?

The answer must be yes! To transfer everything bewteen Samsung Galaxy phone, Mobile Transfer is your best choice.
Mobile Transfer is a safe and reliable assistant. You can use it to solve the problem of data processing on the phone, such as data transfer, backup, restore, etc.. You just need to download it to your computer and get ready for the USB line. Want to achieve the transfer of data between the two mobile phones, the software will quickly and completely to achieve your goal. Following, we will explain how to use this tool to transfer photos and videos step by step.



Steps to Transfer Photos & Videos from Old Samsung to Galaxy J2


Step 1. Launch the Program and Select the Transfer Mode

Firstly, download and install Mobile Transfer to your computer. And then run it. Next, please select "Phone To Phone Transfer" and click on "Start" to enter the next step.


Step 2. Connect Your Phones to Your computer

Please connect your phones to your computer with the USB lines. Because you want to transfer data from the old Samsung mobile phone to J2, so the old phone should be displayed on the left, and the J2 display on the right. And you can achieve this by the "Flip" button.


Step 3. Transfer Photos and Videos from Old Phone to J2

When the phone is successfully connected, you can transfer the phone data. Note that in the process of transferring mobile phone data, the connection between the phone and the computer is normal. Next, you just need to find and check the photos and video in the middle of the window, and then click "Start Transfer".

Note: Please keep both of your phones connected well during the whole process.
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