Transfer Data Contacts from Samsung to Galaxy On5/On7/On8

February 07, 2017
After the explosion door, Samsung has been expected to launch new products. Now, Samsung has decided to update the entry-level model On series, On 5/On 7/On 8 bursts of three new machines within a week. Overall, these three models are Samsung's entry-level models, and the On 7 and On 8 two new machines' entry machine configuration is higher than the previous, especially On 8 used the SA screen. In order to facilitate every Samsung liker, below I will introduce a data transmission software, to prevent you loss data contact and other data when changing smart phone.
To transfer data from one Samsung to another, there is a very useful software, which is called Mobile Transfer. Mobile Transfer can move data effectively between devices with different operating systems like transfer photos, text messages, contacts and many other file types. Besides it supports almost all devices, such as iPhone, Samsung, HTC, LG, Sony, Google, HUAWEI, Motorola, ZTE, and more smart phones and tablets. What’s more, if you want to backup and restore your phone data, this assistant can also help you. Next, I will teach you how to transfer data contacts from one Samsung phone to Galaxy On 5/On 7/On 8 by using this tool.


Steps to Transfer Data Contacts from Samsung to Galaxy On 5/On 7/On 8


Step 1. Choose the Transfer Mode

Download, install and operate Mobile Transfer. After then please click "Phone to Phone Transfer" and press "Start" to go on.


Step 2. Connect Your Phones to Your Computer

Please connect your phones to your computer by using two USB lines. Please remember let the old phone as the source phone is displayed on the left, while the Galaxy On 5/On 7/On 8 is on the right.


Step 3. Transfer Your Data from Samsung to Galaxy On 5/On 7/On 8

After the successful process of the above, you will see many choices on the computer interface, and you just need to  check "Contacts" and other data you liked. Next, click on the bottom of the "Start Transfer".

Note: I advice you keep both phones connected to your computer through the whole process, or you may fail to transfer the data you like.
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