How to Restore Backup File to New Samsung Galaxy Phone

January 06, 2016
"I bought a second hand Galaxy S6 Edge from my friend, because my iPhone was stolen, coincides with my friend is ready to resell his phone. I have ever synced my iPhone with iTunes, so I get a iTunes backup file, however, how can I restore my data from iTunes backup to Galaxy S6 Edge? By the way, I am a digital idiot, so the more simple way, the better, thanks in advance!"
"The Samsung Galaxy S7 is coming, as a Samsung enthusiast, I absolutely can't miss this long-awaited excellent mobile phone. I have been used many different phones, including iPhone, Lumia, HTC, Samsung, Sony, Nokia and BlackBerry, so I get many different backup file from different phone, if I get a Galaxy S7, is it possible to transfer my personal data from these backups to the new phone?"
"How can I extract contacts from OneDrive backup file, and transfer it to my new-buy Galaxy Note 5?"

There's no doubt that, as the most important communication tool, nowadays, mobile phone plays a very important role in our daily life, with the smartphone come on stage, as well as its rapid development, it is widely applied which far beyond our imagination. However, frequent use, not only increased the amounts of data, also greatly increase the risk of data loss. In order to avoid data loss, the developers think of the backup. Yes, regular backup greatly reduce the possibility of a loss of data. Sadly problems appeared again! How to restore all kinds of backup file to the new phone in these ever-changing days.
Fortunately, the methods are always more than problems, at least for Samsung users, this is just a piece of cake. To restore backup file of different brands of smartphone to the new Samsung Galaxy phone or tablet, you just need an all-in-one data transfer program which is named Mobile Transfer. With the help of Mobile Transfer, you can easily transfer data from backups to Samsung and any other supported device with ease, and without any data losing. Please allow me to introduce to you one by one:
Now, please download a trial version of Mobile Transfer below, and follow us to have a try.
1. Install the Mobile Transfer on your computer when the download completed.
2. After installation, run Mobile Transfer on your computer.
3. Connect your new Galaxy device via USB cable to your computer.

Six Ways to Restore Backup Files to New Samsung Galaxy Phone


Ways 1 Restore Samsung Kies Backup to New Samsung Galaxy Phone

Step 1. Choose "Restore From Backups" mode on the homepage and press the "Kies" option to go on.
Step 2. After that, the program will automatically scan and load the Samsung Kies backups inside your computer. If done, please choose a wanted Samsung Kies backup file to extract your data, and select the file types you would like to transfer from the available backup files on the left panel.
When your Samsung device is recognized, you are allowed to transfer the selected file by clicking the "Start Transfer" button.

If you were used an iPhone before, or you have an iPad, and now added to the Samsung formation, you can try the next two ways.

Ways 2 Restore iTunes Backup to New Samsung Galaxy Phone

Step 1. Choose "Restore From Backups" mode on the homepage and click on the "iTunes" option to move on.
Step 2. Select the files you would like to transfer from your selected iTunes backup, then your Samsung device is detected by the program, simple press "Strat Trasnfer" to move them to your new phone or tablet.


Ways 3 Restore iCloud Backup to New Samsung Galaxy Phone

Step 1. Click on "Restore From Backups" > "iCloud" in the primary interface.
Step 2. In the step, you need to sign in your iCloud account to load your previous backup files. Just enter your Apple ID and password to login without worrying about security issues, the program never keep a record of any your Apple account info or content at any time during your sessions. Just do it.
Step 3. After that, select a iCloud backup file you wanted and download it to your computer.
Once done, tick the check boxes in front of your wanted file types, and click "Start Transfer" to sync them to the new Samsung.
If you were used a Windows or Lumia phone before, and you backed you phone data up with OneDrive, you can follow the method below:


Ways 4 Restore OneDrive Backup to New Samsung Galaxy Phone

Step 1. Similarly, click on "OneDrive" from the "Restore From Backups" panel.
Step 2. Sign in your OneDrive account to load your backup files.
Step 3. Selecting to switch the data you wanted from the OneDrive backup to your new Samsung phone with a click.
For the old BlackBerry phone users, the following method is sure to give you help.


Ways 5 Restore BlackBerry Backup to New Samsung Galaxy Phone

Step 1. In the main window, select "Restore from Backups", and select "BlackBerry" from the options provided.
Step 2. Select the file types you would like to transfer from the selected Blackberry backup on the left panel, including contacts, text messages, call logs and more.
Then click on "Start Transfer" to begin transfer them to your new phone.

In addition to the above methods, of course, please don't forget that Mobile Transfer also has a backup function, so if you have ever backed up your phone data with Mobile Transfer, you can restore these MobileTrans backups to your new phone as well.


Ways 6 Restore MobileTrans Backup to New Samsung Galaxy Phone

Step 1. Click on "MobileTrans" on the homepage.
Step 2. Choose a previous backup file on your computer.
Step 3. Select the data you wanted from the extracted result, click on "Start Transfer" to move them to the new phone.

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