Backup All Data from Samsung Galaxy Note 7 to PC

September 28, 2016
To tell you the truth, I am a very careless person, and I choose to be a secretary. We know that secretary’s job is a highly demanding industry, and their phone records the boss's daily travel, customer contact information and other trivial and important information. In other words, mobile phone data for the secretary is very important, because once the data is lost, it may miss the boss’ important event. Last week in the morning because I rush to take the bus to work, run too fast,and the phone is lost, but I did not know, until went to the company and wanted to see the boss’ trip and to find the phone lost, so I went back to find it but it can not be found. That day, just because the phone is lost, which records the boss's trip,so that the boss to miss an important meeting with customers. Although the boss knew the situation and did not blame me, but I still feel very guilty.
The day after work, I quickly bought a Samsung Galaxy Note 7, after coming home, by all means,I found all the data about the former phone, but not completely.This time I learned a lesson, so there is an idea is to put my phone data back to the computer, so that a little more insurance. But although I heard of this idea previously, but how to do,I still don't understand. Esteem it a favor!

If you want to realize this idea is actually very simple, as long as you download a software which is called Mobile Transfer on your computer. This Mobile Transfer is a versatile software, so when you see the name of it, do not think it is just a transfer function, it also has the function of data backup and storage of data. You also do not think that with so many functions of the software operation, it will be very complicated, but in fact very simple. Below I will introduce how to back up all the data from Samsung Note Galaxy 7 to PC.



Steps to Transfer Everything from Samsung Galaxy Note 7 to Computer


Step 1: Select the Running Mode

Download, install and run the Mobile Transfer, and after the success of the running, choosing the mode which called Back Up Your Phone to move on.


Step 2: Connect Your Phone to Your PC

In this step you need to connect your Samsung Note Galaxy 7 to your PC via USB cable, the program will detect your phone soon, and automatically scan your phone once it is recognized.


Step 3: Backup Your Samsung Note Galaxy 7 to PC Selectively

When your computer senses and detects your phone successfully, there will be an alternative page, where you can check all the file types, just select whose what you want and then click "Start Transfer" to sync all of them to your computer.

Note: To ensure that the entire backup process is smooth, please keep your phone connected well and do not be interrupted.
Tips: When the backup process is finish, you can press the pop-up window to access it. Or you can go to the settings to find where the save path of the backup file. Of cause, you also can change the path of your backup file there.

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