How to Transfer Contacts Photos from S4/S5 to A9?

December 28, 2015
Little thing about Samsung Galaxy A9:
Photos from the Ministry given we can see, A9 and S6 design style is very close, with a golden color, a dual 2.5D front glass panel, metal frame, overall the sandwich structure. However, unlike with our common golden color mobile phone different, A9 of the front glass panel is still using black glass, put the screen under the overall feeling stronger. On the screen size, by information given by the Ministry of Industry, A9 positive equipped with a six inches 1080p screen, the screen is made of Super AMOLED. In the lower part of the front of the phone, there is a Samsung traditional oval fingerprint button.

On other hardware parameters, A9 rear camera pixel count of 16 million pixels, the front lens, compared with 8 million pixels. Running Android 5.1.1 system. In the processor, the Ministry did not give accurate information on the chip, but the entire network by supporting dual card dual standby standard and 1.8GHz frequency point of view, A9 is likely to carry the message had mentioned before the eight-core Qualcomm Xiao Long 652 processor. Exposure points from the previous run of view, While the processor on a single core performance has been close to Samsung's Exynos7420. A9 has 3GB of RAM and 32GB of storage space.

Problem: How to Transfer Data from Samsung S4/S5 to Galaxy A9?
I have a backup of contacts and photos from my samsung galaxy S5. Yesterday, i bought samsung galaxy A9 and want to transfer all the contacts, photos from S5 into this device. How can i achive this?
Such as some latest-released devices, the latest Samsung devices- Samsung Galaxy A9, You may have waited for a long time to purchase it and replace your old Samsung galaxy S4/S5 device. But you may consider how to reuse your stored contacts and photos, you may want to know how to copy all contacts, pictures from old Samsung galaxy S5 to Galaxy A9. So, is there any best and safely method to solve this problem?
When I moved from my Samsung Galaxy S4. I started to setup my A9 and it gave me the option to move from my old device. I touched them together and it logged in to my Gmail accounts and set all my data to download automatically. I used Samsung Data Transfer- Mobile Transfer to move my contacts and photos over. 
With this Mobile Transfer, contacts, text messages, photos, call logs, calendar and more can be transferred from old Samsung galaxy S2/S3/S4/S5/Ace to Galaxy A9, 100% safely and support for android 6.0, easily to transfer data between between different operating systems—Android, iOS iPhone, BlackBerry and Symbian OS.
Here, download for free and have a try:

Best Method to Migrate Contacts, Photos from old Samsung S4/S5 to Samsung Galaxy A9:

Step 1: Install and running the software on your computer directly.

Run Mobile Transfer on your computer and then click "Phone to Phone Transfer".

Step 2: Connect old Samsung S4/S5 and new Samsung Galaxy A9 on the same PC

Mobile Transfer will detected your devices and then show them to you by default. 

Step 3: Select Contacts and photos and then transfer them to galaxy A9

In the middle of the primary window, just tick the data you want to transfer, and then click the Start Transfer button below. Later all the selections will be copied to your new Samsung Galaxy A9 device.

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