How to Transfer Data from Samsung to iPhone 9?

March 28, 2020
Summary: The iPhone 9 is coming, are you planning to buy it? At this time you need a software called Phone To Phone Transfer to help you quickly transfer the required data from the current Samsung to the new iPhone 9.
Recently, the news that iPhone 9 will be released in April has aroused many people's attention. According to related news, the iPhone 9 will be a sequel to the iPhone 8. Compared with the iPhone 8, the iPhone 9's body, screen and size have not changed much, but the internal configuration has been upgraded to a new generation of hardware. It is worth mentioning that the price of iPhone 9 may reach a record low, starting at $399, which should be very low in the history of iPhone release. In terms of appearance, the iPhone 9 is equipped with a 4.7-inch LCD screen. It uses the Touch ID Home key. The glass back plate and aluminum alloy middle frame design are exactly like the iPhone 8. The back logo is moved to the center position. In terms of main configuration, iPhone 9 will be a 4G mobile phone, which may be equipped with the latest A13 chip and run IOS13 system. On the camera side, the iPhone 9 will continue to use the iPhone 8's rear single camera. It may use a front 8-megapixel lens that supports ultra-wide angles. It will also be equipped with a 12-megapixel rear camera customized by Apple for the iPhone 9.

Every time a new phone is released, a large number of people change their phones. For this cost-effective iPhone 9,many people have expressed their intention to purchase or consider buying it as a standby machine. When it comes to buying new phones and replacing old ones, such a problem is common. Currently used Android phones such as Samsung phones store a large amount of data needed for daily life and work. If you replace a new phone, it will inevitably take a lot of time to transfer these data. Because most of the transmission methods we usually use are traditional tools such as Bluetooth and USB, which not only have low transmission efficiency, but also are often unstable, poorly compatible, and unsatisfactory. At this time, a simple and efficient method became the demand of many people. Because in daily life, it is not only necessary to transfer data when changing the mobile phone, but sometimes you also need to share large amounts of data to others, so it is very important to be easy to use, fast and efficient. Fortunately, you don't have to spend time searching for it anymore. The professional data transfer tool Phone To Phone Transfer here can meet your needs very well.
Best Method: Transfer data from Samsung to iPhone 9 with Phone To Phone Transfer.
With Phone To Phone Transfer, you can quickly transfer all the data you need from your Samsung to the new iPhone 9. First of all, Phone To Phone Transfer can help you quickly scan and display all the data on your Samsung phone, and then you only need to select the data you need and directly transfer to iPhone 9. It can be seen that the whole process only takes a few simple steps and only takes a few minutes. It is very efficient. Even if you have never used Phone To Phone Transfer before, you can learn it immediately. It has become a universal data transfer tool for smartphone users, because it is not only simple and effective, but also safe and compatible. It is safe and reliable, will not steal and damage your data, and you can use it with confidence. Its compatibility is very good, can be compatible with almost all smart phones, whether it is iPhone or Android, such as commonly used Huawei, Samsung, Xiaomi, LG, Sony and so on. So even if you change another phone in the future, you can still transfer a large amount of data between the two phones! This has indeed brought us great convenience. At the same time, Phone To Phone Transfer supports the transmission of various types of data, including photos, videos, music, files, etc. to meet the actual needs of users.
Models Included: iPhone 11/iPhone XR/iPhone XS/iPhone 8/iPhone 9/iPhone 7,etc.
Data Included: text messages, call history, contacts, photos, videos, music, files and more.

Now we will introduce you to the detailed steps of transferring data from Sumsung to iPhone 9.
Step 1: Install Phone to Phone Transfer.
After downloading and installing the Phone to Phone Transfer on your computer. You can launch it to enter the home page.

Step 2: Connect Samsung and iPhone 9 to your computer.
Connect the Samsung phone and iPhone 9 to your computer using two USB cables. The devices will display as "Source" and "Destination" in the page. You can set the Samsung  to "Source"  and the iPhone 9 to "Destination" by clicking "Flip" between phones, and data will be transferred from "Source" to "Destination". Then click on the "Start" button, it will automatically scan all the data of the Samsung phone and show you.

Step 3: Start transferring data from Samsung to iPhone 9
Now you can get all the data from Samsung ,such as contacts, text messages, files, videos and more. You can preview them and select the data you want. Just click "Transfer". Soon, your data will be transferred directly to iPhone 9.

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