How to Transfer Contacts from Samsung to iPhone SE

March 31, 2016
My Samsung galaxy Note 2 had already used for two years. Thanks to the system action increasingly caton, I think I 
would have to buy a new samrtphone. Whit the recommendation of my friend, I made a decision to buy the new iPhone 
SE. When I changed a new iPhone SE, the first important thing I need to do is copy all the contacts from old 
samsung phone to iPhone SE. Without to migrate the contacts from old android phone to new iPhone SE one by one. Can 
anyone tell me which is the best method to move them just with one click. Dose anynoe has a good way to introduce me?

Luckly, the professional smartphone team have the good way to help you solve the brouble. Mobile Transfer can help 
you solve this problem which designed by the professional team. With the help of it, we can restore data from the 
backup files of different systems mobile phones to computer. We can also transfer any data from one phone to other 
phone easily, and this tool is Suitable to all the moible phone operating system. Next, let me tell you how to use 
it. There are two way to solve this program.
Before transferring, you need PC and two data cable.


Use Guide to Transfer Contacts from Samsung to iPhone SE:

Step1: Download and run the software

Download the Mobile Transfer on the PC. Open the software and log in. Then, it will pop up the following interface. 
Click on the button of “Phone to Phone Transfer” to start.


Step2: Connect both your samsung and iPhone SE to the same PC

Connect both your old and new phones to the computer through the data cable. After the software recognizes both 
devices, it will pop up the windows. The Samsung is on the left. The iPhone SE is on the right. If the location of 
the mobile phone is wrong, you can click on “Flip” to exchange them.


Step3´╝ÜChoose the content to copy

Click the “contact” and then click on the blue button “start transfer”. After some minutes, the transferring is 
done, it will pop up new windows.  

All in all, this is the use of the normal steps. Mobile Transfer supporting me a good way to migrate any data between 
two phones. No matter your phone system is windows, IOS, android and so on. When you buy a new phone, this software 
is worth a try.


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