How to Transfer Photos from iPhone 4S/5/5S/5C to Note 7

Post Day 08/03/2016 14:34

"My dad is unfamilar with his Note 7 because he is too old to be interested in accepting new thing. He just know how to use phone to chat with me. I want to share my daily life and experiences to him, so I take many photos when I travel other places or do something significant. At last, there are lots of photos on my iPhone 5S. To let him wantch slowly, I decide to transfer the photos on my iPhone 5S to his Note it is truly a time-wasting operation."
Well, there are most phone users as the above one think data transfer is a time-wasting operation. However, that is described the transfer process without Mobile Transfer! To decrease the time of data transfer and simplize the operating process, our company release a specail tool for data transfer, called MobileTrans. 
Mobile Transfer can transfer photos, conatcts, messages, videos and so on from phone to phone quickly. It simplize the operation and make it become one-click process. Moreover, Mobile Transfer supports Android and iOS operating systems.


Steps to transfer photos from iPhone 4S/5/5S/5C to Note 7

Step 1. Launch Mobile Transfer
After downloading and installing Mobile Transfer on the computer. launch it pproperly and choose "Phone to Phone Transfer" mode on the primary interface.

Then, connect to iPhone 4S/5/5S/5C to Note 7 to the computer via USB cables. After a while, the program will show you images of your devices on the window.
Check the position of your devices. The Source should be iPhone 4S/5/5S/5C and the Destination should be Note 7. If the position is wrong, you can click the "Flip" button to adjust them.
Step 2. Select File to Transfer
Select "Photos" from the content list to transfer.
Next, click "Start Transfer" button to begin copying photos on iPhone 4S/5/5S/5C and transferring to Note 7.  The copying process will finish as soon as possible. When the copying process is finished,the photos are tranferred to Note 7 successfully and completely.

Notice: Please keep your both devices connected during the transfer.
Note:Before copying, if you want to rease data on the destination device, you can enter the "Clear Data before Copy" box which is under the destination device image.

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