Transfer iPhone Contacts to Samsung S20

March 04, 2021
Summary´╝ÜMobile Phone contact information is very important. It's our way of staying in touch and an important resource in our personal and professional lives. When you switch iPhone 6/7/8/x/11/12 to the Samsung Galaxy S20, you have to transfer from the previous iPhone to the Samsung S20. Well, what's the contact for copying from iPhone to Samsung S20?

Samsung Galaxy S20:

The Samsung Galaxy s205g smartphone, launched on February 11, 2020, is equipped with a 6.20-inch touch screen display with a resolution of 1440 x 3200 pixels and a horizontal to vertical ratio of 20:9. Samsung Galaxy s205g is composed of 2GHz yutacin Samsung exynos 990 processor with 2.73ghz to 2 cores, 2.5GHz to 2 cores and 2GHz to 4 cores. 12gb ram Samsung Galaxy S20 5g runs Android 10 and is powered by a 4000 MAH non removable battery. Samsung Galaxy S20 5g supports wireless charging and exclusive high-speed charging.

Switching a phone is usually a process in which one device transmits the entire data to another, so it's quite cumbersome. Among these data, contact may be the most important information, which is often the first information needed when migrating with a new mobile phone. Thankfully, when you move from an IOSto an Android, you can easily move your contacts. The articles shows how to move contacts, which can be easily converted between platforms.

Methods Outline:

Method 1: Transfer iPhone Contacts to Samsung S20 with Mobile Transfer (Recommend)
Method 2: Transfer Contacts from iPhone to Samsung S20 via Google Account
Method 3: Transfer iPhone Contacts to Samsung with Bluetooth
Method 4: Use icloud to transfer contact from iPhone to Samsung S20
Method 5: Video Guide for Transfer iPhone Data to Samsung S20

Method 1: Transfer iPhone Contacts to Samsung S20 with Mobile Transfer

Mobile Transfer is the fastest and fastest way to move the contact list from iPhone to Samsung Galaxy S20. Besides contact information, SMS, photos, videos, music and contact information can also be sent from one device to another. In addition to content transfer, the mobile transport tool also supports the backup of phone data to the local computer. The whole backup process is very simple. After backup, data can be easily recovered by backup device at any time and anywhere. Both windows and mac versions are available. Download and install the appropriate version as needed.

Steps to Transfer iPhone Contacts to Samsung S20:
Step 1: Install the Mobile Transfer on your computer and move to the phone to phone transfer mode.

Step 2: Connect the iPhone and Samsung S20 to the computer.

Step 3: Send Contact information to Samsung S20 from iPhone

Method 2: Transfer Contacts from iPhone to Samsung S20 via Google Account

Here's another way to use a Google account to move contacts from iPhone to Samsung S20. To synchronize iPhone contacts to Samsung S20, we need our account.
Step 1: Move to iPhone settings.
Step 2: Select the account and password options. However, if IOS uses the previous version, please select the mail, contact, calendar options.
Step 3: Continue to select the additional account options, and then select Google. Then enter your Gmail ID and password.
Step 4: When finished, iPhone will provide synchronization options. You have to select a contact here and do it in the tab below.
Step 5: Confirm whether to connect to Wi Fi. Please wait a moment. All contacts of iPhone is synchronized with Gmail account.
Step 6: Samsung device needs to add or set up our account. When you set up your account for the first time, the information of entering your Gmail ID and password will be displayed, and the contact information that iPhone automatically syncs to Samsung will be displayed.

Method 3: Transfer iPhone Contacts to Samsung with Bluetooth

With Bluetooth, iPhone can share contacts through Samsung S20. However, due to the slow transmission speed, it is better to use this method when there are few contact information.
Step 1: Turn on Bluetooth in iPhone and Samsung S20. iPhone can turn on Bluetooth in the control center or settings app. Samsung can turn on Bluetooth on the notification panel.
Step 2: Keep the two devices close to each other, that is, keep them within the Bluetooth range. If you label the Bluetooth name of the Android machine on the iPhone, you will get the one-time native code of the paired machine.
Step 3: After the device is connected, move to the contact application and select the contact information shared with Samsung mobile phone. After selecting all contacts, click the share button and select the target device.
Provide the file received from Samsung S20 to vCard file.

Method 4: Use icloud to transfer contact from iPhone to Samsung S20

Step 1: Please open icloud backup option on iPhone to confirm if contact backup is activated.
Step 2: Get in and Move to the default screen and click the contacts icon listed.
Step 3: Look for the pinion icon in the lower left corner.

Step 4: When you choose to export vCard, all contacts will be saved in the VCF file.
Step 5. . Copy the VCF file to the root folder of Galaxy S20 and import it into Galaxy S20 using the basic people application.
However, if you have not activated icloud service before, please follow the self-study book below.

Method 5: Video Guide for Transfer iPhone Contacts to Samsung S20

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