Transfer Data Contacts from iPhone 4S/5/5S to Galaxy S7

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2016 has arrived, which means that many new devices have been on the road, will soon meet with us. One of the most exciting of course is the flagship smart phone, among them, the Samsung Galaxy S7 is the most striking of, it most likely to debut during the MWC World Communications Conference in February. Next, let's take a look at the media forecast for Samsung S7's critical hardware.
1. ClearForce Screen
According to reliable sources, the Samsung Galaxy S7 will be equipped with new ClearForce screen, can achieve similar to Apple's 3D Touch pressure-sensitive touch function. ClearForce screen is jointly developed by Samsung and Synaptics, can through different finger pressure, to achieve scrolling, panning and zooming, and achieve more convenient operation. However, we expect that the Samsung Galaxy S7 is not equipped with 4K screen, but continue to use 2560 * 1440 pixel AMOLED screen.
2. Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 / Exynos 8890 Processor
We expect Samsung will once again collaborate with Qualcomm, to match Snapdragon 820 processor for some version of Galaxy S7. Of course, other versions will use its own Exynos 8890 processor, compared to the Galaxy S6's performance will be significantly improved.
3. The New BRITECEL Camera
Previously, Samsung introduced a new BRITECEL camera technology, is likely to appear on the S7. News shows, S7 is likely to use 20 million pixel camera, support for RAW lossless format, in addition, the front camera is also used ISOCELL sensor, the overall shooting effect is expected.
4. There Are At Least Two Versions
Similar S6, the Samsung Galaxy S7 will also have at least two versions, including 5.2 inches of traditional screen version and 5.5 inches of curved side screen version. In addition,  recently there are rumours that Samsung is likely to conveniently to launch an 6 inches of larger size version. But at least, the user will have two options. But at least, the user will have two options.
5. Support Micro SD Card
Recently, there are rumors said that Samsung Galaxy S7 will support micro SD memory card, to solve a criticized shortage of S6. Clearly, external memory cards are more likely to reduce the purchase cost, the consumer is undoubtedly more popular.
6. With the Galaxy S6 similar design
It is said that the Samsung Galaxy S7 will not adopt a new design, but the continuation of Galaxy S6 of metal and glass body. Of course, Samsung will be some adjustments for the details, we can expect more metal materials and fine details, so as to enhance the user experience.
7. Support USB-C
Obviously, USB-C interfaces are becoming the new trend of the interface, the Samsung S7 is very likely with this new generation USB standard. It enables faster charging and data transfer speed, and the interfaces does not distinguish front and reverse side, the user experience better.
I do not know whether the above characteristics attracted you, as most users, it is a very wonderful expectations. And even so many old iPhone users who are still using iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPhone 5C, iPhone 5S are also willing to buy a new Samsung Galaxy S7. When having a new mobile phone not just Galaxy S7? The first thing that you'll probably to do is sync all the phone numbers and other personal data from your old iPhone to the new Galaxy S7. If you are looking for a simple and efficient way to transfer tons of your phone data, you come to a right place.
In this article, we will introduce Phone Transfer to you, which can transfer data such as contacts, text messages, apps, calendars and more between your iPhone 4S/5/5S and Galaxy S7 with a click. What's more, this professional phone to phone transfer tool can also help you to restore data from iTunes and iCloud backup to your S7 with ease.

Steps to Transfer Data Contacts from iPhone 4S/5/5S to Samsung Galaxy S7

Step 1. Install and run the Phone Transfer on your Windows or Mac computer.
Step 2. Choose "Phone to Phone Transfer" and press "Start", then connect your iPhone and Galaxy S7 to your computer by using USB cable.

Step 3. Select the data you wanted and transfer them from your iPhone to Galaxy S7 with a click.
Note: The whole transfer process will not take too much of your time, depends on how much of your data. But remember not to disconnect your phones before the transferring completed.

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