How to Transfer Messages Photos from Samsung to iPhone 7

Post Day 07/04/2016 11:24

If you do not have the Apple signature Home button, can you adopt it? iPhone 7 may cancel the home button, although it has been suggested for some time, iPhone 7 may finally be achieved. The concept of mobile phone, which released by the renowned designer Kaymak Hasan, recommended to cancel home button, and Apple should do so, so that to realize no-border screen. 
In addition, iPhone 7 may be introduced intel baseband technology, while continuing to retain Qualcomm, that is the mixed use and if Apple do that in iPhone 7, a rough estimate of the user's Internet speed will be increased by 50%.

These all sounds very attractive, aren't it? As a Android user, I'd like to have an iPhone 7, too. After all, the performance of iPhone 7 will be greatly improved. But when I buy an iPhone 7, how can I transfer my messages, photos from my Samsung phone to it? And will the transmission process damaged my files? These problems should be seriously considered before we buy an new iPhone 7.
So, I asked one of my friends who is a mobile phone maintenance personnel. He told me is just a minor question and can be solved easily. Then he recommended me a software, Phone to Phone Transfer, which is a expert for transmission. The program can transfer almost all files losslessly and it will promise the files just can be scanned by yourself. Well, the following article will guide you how to sync your messages and photos from your old Samsung phone to iPhone 7 directly.


Steps to Transfer Messages Photos from Samsung Galaxy to iPhone 7


Step 1. Install Phone to Phone Transfer and Choose the Mode

After download, install and launch Phone to Phone Transfer, you can see the four functions about Phone to Phone Transfer. Just choose the blue one "Phone to Phone Transfer".


Step 2. Connect Your Devices

When the program enter the next interface, connect your two devices via USB cables. Please notes that the source Samsung phone should be on the left and the destination iPhone 7 is on the right. By the way, you can click "Flip" button to reverse the location of two devices.


Step 3. Choose the Files and Transfer Them

Now, tick the files you want to transfer into iPhone 7. Let us tick the box in front of "Text messages" and "Photos". Then click "Start Transfer" to transfer files to your iPhone 7. For efficiency and data security, don't disconnect the devices until the process is complete.

When the transfer is completed, you can check your iPhone and you can find all the text messages and photos have been synced from your Samsung device to iPhone 7. Enjoy your iPhone 7 now.
In addtion to transfer data from phone to phone, with the help of this tool, you can also backup & restore your phone data, as well as wiping all data and settings from your old Android devices with a click.

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