How to Restore Data from Damaged Samsung to iPhone

Post Day 01/27/2016 21:31

Twenty-first Century, is the century of rapid development of science and technology. In terms of phone, the continuous development of operators, creating a situation of "hundred schools of thought", all kinds of mobile phone brand for selections,such as Samsung, iPhone, Huawei, Sony and so on. And the use of Samsung and iPhone is the majority. The RendForce announced ranking of annual global smart phone manufacturers in 2015, Samsung is still ranked first, which means that the global demand for Samsung mobile phone is still vast. Among so many Samsung mobile phone users, a lot of people reflect that theirs mobile phone's system is easy to crash. Samsung is the flagship on Android formations, so if the phone system is not smooth, or cell phone is damaged, lots of users will usually choose iPhone, because the iPhone has a powerful configuration and system.

Recently some users ask to me, their Samsung mobile phone is broken, and then they bought an iPhone to as an alternative. How to transfer the Samsung's information to iPhone? Samsung and iPhone's system is different, can we transfer the data in different systems?
The answer is Yes. We can use a software - Phone Transfer to solve our problems. Mobile Trans is a professional and secure software. It can transfer your data from one phone to another directly. In addition, it can back up the data to computer, restore the backup data to any supported phone and erase your old Android phone. Well, Now I introduce a way to restore the backup which created by Samsung's Kies to iPhone. Note that this method can only be used on the premise that you have to back up your Samsung phone data to Kies.


Steps to Restore Data from Damaged Samsung to iPhone


Step 1. Download and Run the software

First of all, you should prepare for a computer and an USB cable. Then, click the above buttons to download this software to your PC, and run it after installation, you'll see the primary window as follows, which included four options: “Phone to Phone Transfer”,“Restore From Backups”,“Back Up Your Phone” and “Erase Your Old Phone”. Next, move your mouse to "Restore From Backups", then click “Restore From Backups” in the blue box. You can see six options, including Mobile Trans,iCloud,iTunes,Kies,Blackberry and OneDrive, please click“Kies”here.

Step 2. Connect you iPhone to your computer

After click “Kies”,you can see“Please connect a destination phone via USB”on the right,so you should connect you phone by an USB. Besides,you can see an interface on the left, which enumerates backup file, it will scans all the previous Kies backup on your computer and lists them to you, please select one as you need.

Step 3. Restore data from Samsung Kies backup to iPhone

When your phone is connected, you can select the file types what you wanted from the middle of the window, such as check Contacts, and click on "Start Copy" to sync them to your iPhone. In addition, you need to ensure that the phone is not disconnected when your data is restoring.

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