Transfer Photos Videos from iPhone to Samsung Galaxy S8

April 11, 2017
Samsung Galaxy S8 is Android smartphone produced by Samsung Electronics as part of the Samsung Galaxy S series. The Galaxy S8 and were officially unveiled on March 29, 2017, with pre-orders beginning March 30 and official U.S. release on April 21. The phone feature 1440p Super AMOLED displays, with an 18.5:9 aspect ratio taller than the 16:9 ratio used by the majority of smartphoness, and has a 5.8-inch panel. The S8 features an octa-core Exynos system-on-chip and 4 GB of RAM. Unlike past Galaxy S series models, the S8 does not feature physical navigation keys, electing to use on-screen keys instead.

If you were an iPhone user previously but now gonna switch Samsung Galaxy S8 because of such a high configuration. Even if the Note 7 has a problem, it still can not stop people on the pursuit of high-quality mobile phones. So, when people buy a S8, the first they want to do must be to Transfer their data, how do they transfer the old mobile Photos Videos to the new mobile phone? For example, if the phone they used was iPhone, how to transfer Photos Videos from iPhone to Samsung S8 ?
Mobile Transfer is highly recommended software because it’s very reliable and able to transfer all types of data from old phone to the new. This software enables you to transfer contacts, messages, call logs, apps, apps data, music, videos, photos and calendars from iPhone to Samsung Galaxy S8. It also supports other mobile brands as well like HTC, LG, Sony, HUAWEI etc.. In addition, it also is a data processing software that can help you transfer data, backup, restore and delete data.
Next, I will explain you how to use it to switch your iPhone photos and videos to the new Samsung Galaxy S8/S8+.


Steps to Transfer Photos Videos from iPhone to Samsung Galaxy S8

Step 1. Download and install Mobile Transfer to your PC. And click on the icon to run it. There are four modules for you to choose, please click "Phone To Phone Transfer" and press "Start" to enter the next step.

Step 2. Connect your Samsung phone and iPhone to your computer with two USB lines. After the success of the connection, the old iPhone will be displayed on the left, the new Galaxy S8/S8+ is displayed on the right side. If not, click the "Flip".

Step 3. The program will recognize your devices, then choose the data you want to transfer to Samsung S8. Now let us tick the box in front of "Photos" and "Videos", then click the "Start Transfer" button. The transferring process will last for a moments that the time is depend on the number of your data. Please be patient.

Note: When transferring data, please do not interrupt the connection between the phone and the computer.

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