Recover Vivo Y53/Y53s Data/Contacts/Photos/Messages/Video

December 29, 2021
Summary: Have you deleted photos, videos, contact information, music, SMS, call records and other important files in Android Vivo Y53/Y53s? Do you want to know how to recover lost data from Vivo Y53/Y53s? Or, can you restore the missing files in the Vivo Y53/Y53s phone?
Then, you will learn how to recover the lost data from Vivo Y53/Y53s, so you can land in the correct position.
However, before moving to the recovery method, please tell us some of the best things about the new Vivo Y53/Y53s.
Something about Vivo Y53s:
Vivo y53s 5g mobile phone was launched on June 8, 2021. The phone is supplied with a 6.58 inch touch screen display. Vivo y53s 5g is composed of Yuta core Qualcomm snapdragon 480 processor. Provide 8GB memory. Vivo y53s 5g runs Android 11 and is driven by 5000 MAH battery. Vivo y53s 5g supports exclusive high-speed charging.
For the camera, the rear vivo y53s 5g is equipped with a 64 megapixel camera with an F/1.79 aperture. The rear camera is equipped with auto focus. A single front camera set as self timer and an 8 megapixel sensor with F/2.0 aperture.

Vivo y53s 5g runs originos 1.0 based on Android 11 and provides 128GB of built-in storage. Vivo y53s 5g is 163.95x75.30x8.50mm (H x W x D) in size and 189.00g in weight. It's on the market in the colors of 'adventure' sea salt and 'starynight'
The connection options of vivo y53s 5g are Wi Fi 802.11a, GPS, USB OTG and USB type-c. The sensors of the telephone include accelerometer, peripheral light sensor, proximity sensor and fingerprint sensor.
What are the reasons for data loss in Vivo Y53/Y53s?
Yes, data may be lost on vivo mobile phone for various reasons. You can't expect anything. However, some general scripts on data loss are collected, as follows.
File deletion due to error or error - delete some data on the phone many times, but due to error, select useful data and click Delete button, and the data will disappear.
When updating software on the phone - if the user wants to upgrade the device to a new version, it will fail and lose data.
Data loss due to system conflict or corrupted file - phone file corruption or device conflict.
Harmful virus attack - virus infection there are many ways to infect mobile phones, which is another possible reason.
Phone lost or stolen
Mobile phone falls from a height, internal damage or flooding - when playing in the swimming pool, the mobile phone falls into the water and drowns completely. The phone doesn't work and the internal data will be deleted.
Factory initialization or device formatting - to ensure space on the phone, sometimes factory initialization can solve the problem, but the data on the phone will also be deleted.
In addition, there may be some other possible reasons, because unplanned calls occur to users, resulting in serious material losses.
Can the data deleted from vivo mobile phone be recovered?
After losing important files on your mobile phone, when you realize that files are important, you will run outside to confirm whether you can back them up. Yeah.
Assuming that the deleted data is not backed up, what would you do?
Of course, depending on the situation, you may lose hope, right?
However, if the deleted data in vivo phone may be brought back again, how do you react?
Yes, if the data is deleted from the phone, it can still be recovered as long as the file is not overwritten. When data is deleted, the data is still in the device rather than permanently deleted from the device.

Methods Outline:
Method 1: Recover Vivo Y53/Y53s Data without Backup
Method 2: Recover Lost Vivo Y53s Data with Google Drive
Method 3: Video Guide for Vivo Y53/Y53s Data Recovery
Method 1: Recover Vivo Y53/Y53s Data without Backup
Many users inadvertently lost data and did not back up. I don't know what to do in that case But there is one of the best ways to search for files, so don't worry. Android data Recovery is a professional tool actively recommended by experts in this case. This is an excellent recovery program that can recover lost data from Vivo Y53/Y53s phones.
Using the software does not require technology and backup. With this powerful software, you can recover all lost data, such as photos, videos, contact information, SMS, audio, call records, WhatsApp information, documents, memos, etc. In addition to the Vivo Y53/Y53s series, the software also supports Samsung, Sony, LG, Nokia, Xiaomi, oppo, Huawei, oneplus, Google, realme and other modes of all vivo phones and Android brands.
Therefore, it is best to download the Android data Recovery tool and search for lost data in the Vivo Y53/Y53s series.

Steps to Recover deleted/lost data/contacts/pictures/videos/call logs/audio/messages from Vivo Y53/Y53s:
Step 1: Connect the Vivo Y53/Y53s device to the PC and run the program
First, download and install the Android Data recovery program. Then turn it on and connect the Vivo Y53/Y53s to the PC via a USB cable.

Step 2: Don't forget to enable USB debugging in Vivo Y53/Y53s.

Step 3: Select contacts to scan
Now the program can select data types including contact information, call records, SMS, photos, etc. Select the "contact information" option and click "next" to continue.

Step 4: Preview and recovery of data in Vivo Y53/Y53s
After scanning, all files contained in Vivo Y53/Y53s will be displayed as clear categories, including deleted data. After confirming the items to be recovered, click the "recover" button to save the disappeared files to the computer again.

Method 2: Recover Lost Vivo Y53s Data with Google Drive
Google drive is a better backup option that allows you to store up to 15GB of data. You can download files manually, or even choose to synchronize important files backed up from your phone. It's easy to manage and you can take it back at any time.
The steps to be taken are as follows:
First, open Google drive on the vivo X60 phone, or you can open it say without mincing words
Sign in now and use your Google account
Then go to the my drive option to view downloaded items or automatically backed up data.
Here, you must specify the files to restore, such as pictures, videos, etc.
Finally, after selecting files, right-click them and click the download option.
Method 3: Video Guide for Vivo Y53/Y53s Data Recovery

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