Vivo Y11 Data Recovery|Recover Deleted Data Contacts on Vivo Y11

March 18, 2021
Summary: Is the data contact lost or deleted from vivo Y11 Android phone? The aritcle tells you how to directly recover deleted and lost data including contact, messages, photos, videos, SMS, call logs, WhatsApp information, audio, etc. from vivo Y11 Android phone.

Vivo Y11 Info:

Vivo Y11 is a low-cost smartphone based on Android 4.4 KitKat, packaged as an inherent funtouch operating system. In terms of design, the edge of the smartphone is curved and can be carried with you.
Vivo Y11 offers LED flash and a paired 5 megapixel rear camera. The basic camera also has the ability to capture images with a palm shot. Additional options such as facial beauty and auto focus are also available. In order to support self portrait and video call, the front is equipped with a 2 megapixel full range shooter.

The device is also equipped with a fingertip screen to control the device's intelligent wake-up function.
1.3GHz quad core mediatec chipset, you can look forward to a good voyage. The ram of the device is only 512MB, so it can't be too much in multitasking. In addition, the smartphone also provides 4GB of internal storage capacity. Up to 128GB microSD card expansion. Smart phones support 1700mAH Li ion batteries.

Question Analysis:

"How to fix the data contact information deleted on vivo Y11?" Vivo phones have been used two days ago, two days ago, and most of the data is automatically deleted. Now looking for a way to recover deleted data contacts. My vivo Y11 phone.
It's not a cell phone defect Mobile phones or other devices may cause data loss. If you want to know how to recover data contacts deleted from vivo Y11 phone, please use the following method. Yes. There are many ways to recover the deleted photos on vivo Y11 mobile phone, but for the sake of data security, we must choose the only reliable and effective method. The vivo data recovery application restores all deleted data contacts.
Has vivo Y11 ever deleted or lost important data due to mistakes? In daily life, data loss is always inevitable. If useful files are lost on Android phones, you can directly use Android data recovery software to scan and recover the lost or deleted data contact information in vivo Y11 mobile.

Methods Outline:

Method 1: Recover Data contacts from Vivo Y11 without Backup (Recommend)
Method 2: Recover vivo y11 data contacts via Vivo Cloud
Method 3: Restore Vivo Y11 Data from Google Drive
Method 4: Recovery of deleted files from vivo mobile using recycle bin
Method 5: Video Guide for Recover data contacts on Vivo Y11


Method 1: Recover Data contacts from Vivo Y11 without Backup

Vivo mobile phone has many interesting features and specifications, providing the best mobile environment. People click on a lot of photos to store other data on their mobile phones, but in the case of losing valuable data on vivo mobile phones, we can solve the problem here. Through vivo data recovery, through vivo phone to recover the lost data, share blog and other manual methods of proof.
Android Data Recovery provides the best solution, including contact, messages, photos, video, audio, memo, call record, application and application data, files, etc., which can directly recover the data deleted in vivo phone. Samsung, Google, Huawei, Motorola, LG, HTC, Sony, Xiaomi, Lenovo, ZTE and other Android phone data.
Android Data Recovery Features:
*Search for lost data on Android phone or tablet due to error deletion, initialization, machine stop, Rom flash, routing and other reasons.
*Delete or recover lost data from Android machines of vivo, oppo, Samsung, HTC, Motorola, Sony, oneplus, LG and other brands.
*The deleted or lost information, photos, videos, contact information, call records, audio, WhatsApp, accessories, files, etc. are restored without backup files.
*Extract data from the internal storage and SD card of the broken/dead Vivo phone.
Now download the Android data recovery program and retrieve the data according to the next phase.

Steps to Recover Data Contacts from Vivo Y11 with Android Data Recovery:
Step 1: Install and Run Android data recovery on your computer
Please restore Android data on your computer.

Step 2: Connect the vivo Y11 phone to the computer
It takes a few seconds to install the device driver to connect the vivo Y11 mobile phone to the computer with a USB cable. Android data recovery automatically perceives the mobile phone.

Step 3: USB debugging activated by vivo y11
At this stage, the vivo device must allow USB debug mode. Unlock the phone and move to Settings > developer Options > USB debugging mode. When USB debug mode has been allowed, a pop-up window will be displayed. On the screen, always select allow on this computer and click OK.
Step 4: select the deleted data contact to be restored by vivo Y11
If the connection is successful, all types of vivo files are displayed on the program interface. Select the file you want to restore and click in the tab below. It takes a few minutes to remove and analyze existing data from the phone.

Step 5: Restore lost data contacts from vivo y11
After scanning, use the Android data recovery to view the detailed data of the selected file in advance. You can easily confirm deletion and expansion of data in the preview window. Select the data to be recovered and click recover. With one click, the selected data will be directly restored to the computer.


Method 2: Recover vivo y11 data contacts via Vivo Cloud

Vivo users provide their own cloud function of vivo cloud, and they can store a lot of important data. Therefore, when using this function to back up data, you can restore it here.
Reference - vivo cloud doesn't automatically sync photos and videos to the cloud, so you need to use Google's photo app.
Step 1: Open the vivo Cloud Application on the mobile phone.
Step 2: Please select the data to be recovered, such as your contact information.
Step 3: Select the data and click the recovery option.

Method 3: Restore Vivo Y11 Data from Google Drive

With our drive application, you can save the necessary content of your vivo phone to ensure your 15GB storage space. You can set the phone to automatically synchronize to our account, or manually upload and save the file.
Therefore, if you have done data deletion before, please recover the lost content according to the next stage.
Step 1: First, open Google Drive application on the basic mobile phone
Step 2: Now log in to our account (using the same user name as the backup).
Step 3: Then move to my drive section or recent folder option to confirm the uploaded file.
Step 4: Click the file to be restored and then click the download option.

Method 4: Recovery of deleted files from vivo mobile using recycle bin

There is also a garbage can option in vivo. Users can easily return deleted files from it by following the steps below.
Step 1: Close all running applications and move to gallery application.
Step 2: Click the three points at the top of the page and then click Set.
Step 3: Then select the recycle bin option and wait for the recycle bin to fully open.
Step 4: Now select the files to be restored, relax your vigilance, and all files will be automatically restored to the mobile phone.


Metod 5: Video Guide for recover data contacts on Vivo Y11

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