Recover Vivo X60 Data Photos/Messages/Contacts/Videos

January 12, 2021
Summary: What is the recovery method for photos, contacts, videos, SMS deleted by Vivo X60? This guide is only one click and shows the recovery method of data deleted from Vivo X60.
Something about Vivo X60:
The vivo X60 Pro has 1080x2376 pixels and provides a 6.56-inch AMOLED display with full HD + resolution. Show the design of punch hall with full self portrait. The high quality X60 Pro phone has a fingerprint sensor for the entire screen, providing a full thin border and clean UNIQLO design with a panel on the back.
Vivo's X60 Pro is composed of exynos 1080 chipset which supports 5g network. It provides high-end performance and the ideal 8GB ram for heavy players. In terms of storage, most users have enough 128GB. There are 48mp basic sensor, 13mp super light angle sensor, 13mp sensor and 8mp sensor in the phone. With this camera, you can click on photos from different angles to create new and interesting frames. There's a 32mp camera in front for self portraits and video calls.


Question Analyze:
Vivo X60/X60 Pro/X60s accidentally deleted photos, text messages, contact information or all files by Vivo x60 users. In fact, in addition for the error deletion, there are many other reasons, such as water damage, system conflict, update failure, factory reset, broken screen, error formatting, etc. Android Vivo phone may cause serious data loss.
Now mobile phones continue to facilitate people's lives, our dependence on mobile phones is also increasing. Therefore, the information data stored in the mobile phone is very important, but we often forget to backup the data, or improper operation of the mobile phone to restore the factory settings, resulting in the loss of important information on the mobile phone. so when Vivo X60 information lost, it still can be recoverred? And How can i Recover Deleted Data Contacts, Videos, Photos, Text Messages from Vivo X60? Of course, methods are as followings.
Methods Outline:
Method 1:Restore Deleted Data from Vivo X60 with Vivo Cloud
Method 2: Recover Vivo X60 Date with Android Data Recovery (Recommend)
Method 3: Restore Date Photos/Messages/Contacts/Videos from backup to Vivo X60
Method 4: Apply the Android Data Recovery to back up Date Photos/Messages

Method 5: Video Guide For Recover Lost Data from  Vivo X60

Method 1:Restore Deleted Data from Vivo X60 with Vivo Cloud
Vivo Cloud service is a mobile phone data storage application. If your Vivo x60 Date 
Photos/Messages/Contacts/Videos have been backed up, this method can quickly retrieve your files from Backup.
Step 1: Find and open the cloud service APP on Vivo X60 desktop.
Step 2: Select backup content that needs to be restored, such as Messages/Contacts
Step 3: Click to continue reading text messages and contacts or other.
Step 4: Click back to Vivo x60.


Method 2: Recover Vivo X60 Date with Android Data Recovery
This methods are most recommended. Android Data Recovery is a software that can recover Deleted or Lost Contacts, Text messages, Videos, Photos, Audio, Documents, and more, almost all kinds of information, which support all Android devices such as Samsung, HUAWEI, OPPO, Vivo etc. It takes only simple steps to restore data to your phone, conveniently and quickly.


Steps to Recover Lost data from Vivo X60:

Step 1: Download, install and open Android Data Recovery on your computer, and then click "Android Data Recovery".

Step 2:Connect your Vivo x660 to the PC using a USB Cable

Please use USB cable to connect vivo X60 to the computer. The connection progress will be displayed on the interface.
Step 3: Identify your device
When the program is fully entered, the Android version will be automatically perceived. To turn on USB debugging, you must click "OK" according to the stage provided by the program.

Step 4: Scan the file you want to restore and determine the recovery
Once the program has successfully scanned all the data files, you can preview all the data found on the Vivo X60. Choose the files you need, and click “Recover” to save them back to your Vivo X60.


Method 3: Backup Vivo X60 Date to computer
Data backup can effectively prevent information loss, when information is deleted by mistake, date like Photos/Messages/Contacts/Videos/call logs/whatsapp/gallery/audio can be retrieved from the backup.
Step 1: Download and install mobile transfer, Open the application and click“back up your phone”

Step 2: Connect Vivo X60 to the computer
Step 3: Select the information you want to backup and click "Start transfer" to complete the data backup.

Methods 4: Apply the Android Data Recovery to back up Date to Vivo X60
Android Data Recovery is an application that you can back up whatever you like from any Android devices. Here are the steps to help you back up your Date.
Step 1:Open Android Data Recovery software, Click the "Android Data Backup & Restore" button

Step 2:Connect your phone to your computer with USB wires
Step 3:Select "Device Data Backup "or "one-click Backup" button appears, and you can choose one of them.

Step 4:Select the backup file you want and click the start button to complete it


Method 5: Video Guide For Recover Lost Data from  Vivo X60

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