Recover Vivo S12/Pro Data/Message/Photos/Call logs/Videos/Contacts

December 29, 2021
Summary: If you inadvertently deleted photos on the Vivo S12, or lose a contact due to resetting the Vivo S12 to factory settings, or delete Vivo S12 photos after upgrading the Android operating system. Don't worry, Vivo S12 data recovery can help you easily and safely scan and recover photos deleted from Vivo S12, whether your Android phone is damaged, dead or healthy.
Will it hurt to delete photos and videos on Vivo S12 phones? People know that deleted files are still traceable and can be recovered by helping to recover data, so they look online and hope to find a simple way to recover their eyes, but they can't understand Complex steps described in technical terms. Android Data Recovery sounds complicated, but in fact, you can't infer anything until you get more exposure, can you? What I want to say is that he doesn't have any theory at all. Anyone can take it.
Vivo S12 Info:
Vivo S12 mobile phone was launched on December 22, 2021. The phone is equipped with a 6.44 inch touch screen with a resolution of 1080×2400 pixels, a density of 408 pixels per inch (one point per inch) and an aspect ratio of 20:9. Vivo S12 is run by MediaTek dimension 1100 eight core processor. Equipped with 8GB random access memory. Vivo S12 supports your fast freight.
As for the camera, vivo S12 includes a triple setting camera behind it, which is characterized by a basic camera with an accurate f/1.88 aperture of 108 megapixels; a camera with an accurate f/2, 2 lens of 8 megapixels, and a camera with an accurate 2 Megapixel lens opening f/2.4. Background camera settings include autofocus. On the front, vivo S12 contains a two camera Sylvie image, which is characterized by an F/2.0 lens of a 44 megapixel basic camera and an F/2.28 lens of an 8 megapixel second camera. The front camera also has auto focus function.
Vivo S12 runs originos ocean based on Android 11 and 256gb built-in storage package. Vivo S12 is a dual chip mobile phone (GSM and GSM), which accepts nano SIM card and nano SIM card. Vivo S12 is 157.20×72.42×7.39 mm and weighs 179.00 G. It is called black, blue and gold.

Includes connection options on vivo S12 Wi-Fi and Bluetooth V5. 20. NFC, USB type-C, 3G and 4G (support 40 domains used by some LTE networks in India). The sensors on the mobile phone include accelerometer, ambient lighting sensor, proximity sensor and fingerprint sensor on the screen. Support vivo S12 to open the face.
In vivo S12, data is lost due to error deletion, virus attack, system recovery, system update, root directory, etc. Therefore, most people believe that once the data file is deleted from the Android device, it can be restored. Needless to say, this is a seriously misunderstood concept. Since the deleted content is not actually permanently deleted from the device, it will remain in memory for a period of time and become invisible. On this page, we will describe how to use a simple and effective Android data recovery solution to recover deleted data from vivo S12. I hope it works.
Methods Outline:
Method 1: Recover Deleted Data from Vivo S12 without Backup
Method 2: Backup Data on Vivo S12
Method 3: Restore deleted Photos on Vivo S12 with Recycle Bin
Mehtod 4: Retrieve data using your Gmail account
Method 5: Video Guide to Recover Data from Vivo S12
Method 1: Recover Deleted Data from Vivo S12 without Backup
If you want to restore the photos/contacts/messages/call logs/videos/audio deleted from Vivo S12, please stop using Android phone and memory card immediately, do not add any new data, and apply Android data. Restore access to inaccessible data.
Android data recovery is the best representative of recovering many data or contents. These data or contents are deleted in different locations, such as accidental deletion, factory reset, formatting, root directory, operating system upgrade, etc. With its help, all your data, such as contacts, videos, SMS, photos, whatapp messages, phone records, music, etc., can be recovered. It supports Android mobile phone brands such as Samsung, LG, Sony, Motorola, Xiaomi, Huawei and HTC, including ASUS zenfone.

Steps to Recover Lost Data from Vivo S12 with Android Data Recovery:
Step 1: Connect Vivo S12 to your computer
Install and run the Android data recovery program on your computer, and then connect your Vivo S12 Android phone to your computer through a USB cable.

Step 2: enable USB debugging
In order to detect the Vivo S12 mobile phone program running Android system, please run USB debugging on Vivo S12 mobile phone.

Step 3: Select the file type to restore
All recoverable data is displayed in the window, such as contacts, mail, photos, videos, call records, calendar, music and documents. Now select the data you want to retrieve, and then click next to continue.

Step 4: Preview and restore data deleted or lost from Vivo S12
When the scan is complete, all scan data will be displayed in well-organized categories, including deleted data. Preview it, select the file to restore, and then click the restore button to save the restored file to your computer.
Method 2: Backup Data on Vivo S12
Files must be backed up frequently. The following methods may help you:
Step 1: Enter vivo cloud and register vivo account, then you can back up contacts, messages, photos and other files;

Step 2: Go to Settings > account and sync, enter the synchronization interface, select your Google account, and select the option to back up;

Step 3: Enter the Google photo application embedded in the phone > click the menu button in the upper left corner > Settings > Run backup & sync, and then the images on the phone will be backed up. Automatically

Step 4: Go to Settings > more Settings > backup & reset > backup data > Google server and run data backup;

Step 5: Enter a drive or other drive application to upload and back up other files.
Method 3: Restore deleted Photos on Vivo S12 with Recycle Bin
Many Android Vivo applications include a recycle bin. Usually, deleted files in the recycle bin will be temporarily stored and will not be completely deleted immediately. Photos and videos deleted in the past few days will be archived and allowed to be recovered. For example, an application contains a presentation that provides this functionality with a vivo phone.
To restore photos/videos deleted from Vivo S12 without a computer:
Step 1: First check the recycle bin. You just need to go back to the top of the photos tag or album list.
Step 2: Then click the list in the upper right corner. This opens a list with the recycle bin option.
Step 3:Select this option and you will be moved to all deleted photos folders.
Mehtod 4: Retrieve data using your Gmail account
Android smartphone owners can sync with Gmail accounts. Due to this process, it is possible to export contacts to your Google account (sometimes you may need to move contacts to the SD card). When needed, we can log in to Gmail and open the menu tab. Then we can select contacts. The full list of our contacts must be displayed on the screen. However, to use this method, you must synchronize your computer with your Gmail account. It is only open to robots.
Method 5: Video Guide to Recover Data from Vivo S12

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