Recover Deleted Messages from Samsung A3/A5/A7/A8/A9

October 10, 2019
I just bought a Samsung A9 a few days ago, it is the best mobile phone  in the Samsung A series. These days I've been exploring its new function. Unfortunately, due to my carelessness my mobile phone poisoning,. After I cleaned up the virus by antivirus software, I found my text and messages all disappeared. These texts and messages are very important to me and I want to recover them. I heard people say that there is a software called "Android Data Recovery" is very good.  So I want to try to recover my lost texts and messages with this software.
According to the official website, I know the recovery rate of this software is the highest in the industry. And there is no doubt that Android Data Recovery is designed to recover data, it applies to almost all Android phones on the market, of course, also include Samsung A3/A5/A7/A8/A9. So I firmly believe that this software can help me recover my lost texts and messages. Happily, it not only can help the user to recover texts and messages, but also restore the other commonly used data, such as contacts, photos, call history and so on. This software function is complete and easy to operate, it must can help you to restore the deleted text messages from your Samsung Galaxy A3/A5/A7/A8/A9.
Here are some simple steps to recover your lost or deleted texts messages you want by Android Data Recovery. Please download the trial version below, and follow our guide to have a try.


Steps to Recover Deleted Text Messages from Samsung A3/A5/A7/A8/A9

Step 1. You need to download and install the software first. Then launch the software and use the USB cable to connect your Samsung A3/A5/A7/A8/A9 with computer. At the same time, Please make sure that you have enabled USB debugging on your Galaxy phone.

Step 2. After successful connection, the software will show you all the types of datas and files those can be recovered. According to your actual needs, choose "Messaging" and other items as you like. Then click "Next" to enter the next step.

Tips: Please unckeck the types of file that you don't need, which can save your scanning time.

Step 3. Then, you will be able to choose "Standard Mode" or the "Advanced Mode", You can read the instructions on the program to learn more about the different between standard mode and advanced mode, after that choose one of them. If you are using it for the first time, we recommend that you choose the "Standard Mode", because it is easier to operate and faster. But if you can't find the data you want in the standard mode, you can try the advanced mode. If done, please click on "Start" to begin scan your Samsung Galaxy A3/A5/A7/A8/A9 for the selected contents.

Step 4. The scanning process won't take you much time. After the scan is complete, the screen displays all the texts  messages that can be restored. You can view and choose what you need. Then click "Recover", and the selected texts messages will be restored and saved on your computer.


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