Recover Deleted/Lost Data Contacts from Samsung A42

December 24, 2020
Did you refuse to start the Samsung A42 when it was suddenly disconnected? Each of us has experienced that unpleasant situation at least once. If it's an old model, I won't regret it, but the phone number for a long time will be worse. Especially in the memory of the phone, so it's even more so. We have to know that in the unexpected moment of this situation, we may happen to each other. Fortunately, there are several ways to recover your deleted/lost data contact from Samsung Galaxy A42.

The article described in this article is that almost all the data contacts deleted in Samsung Galaxy A42 can be repaired. For the best results, it's best not to delay the restoration of damaged data contacts. Start now. Pay attention to the guide. All the lost data contacts on samsung galaxy a42 can be brought back immediately.

Method 1: SIM Card Backup
Method 2: Recover Data with Gmail Account
Method 3: Recover Lost Data Contacts from Samsung A42 with Professional applications
Method 4: Recover lost data contacts from Computer Backup
Method 5: Videos Guide to Recover Data Contacts from Samsung A42


Method 1: SIM Card Backup

What's the way to Recovery deleted/lost Data/Contacts on the Samsung Galaxy A42? Of course, the best way is to prevent the overall loss. It's better to copy all the Data Contacts to the SIM card. A lot of stress can be reduced due to the possibility of a mobile phone or smartphone failure. You can copy your data contacts to your PC and have many opportunities to transfer multimedia files via USB cable. It's better not to keep the contact information only on the SIM card. If damage occurs, all phone numbers may be lost, so it's always best to keep the data in at least two places.


Method 2: Recover Data with Gmail Account

Android smartphone owners can synchronize with their Gmail Accounts. You can send your data or contact information to your Google Account (sometimes you may need to send your contact information to your SD card). If necessary, you can log in to Gmail and open the menu tab. Then select contact information from the available options. Displays a list of all contacts. But to use this method, you need to synchronize your machine with your Gmail account. It can only be used on Android machines.


Method 3: Recover Lost Data Contacts from Samsung A42 with Professional applications

Unfortunately, many of us don't save a backup in a SIM card or Android samsung a42 phone. Not to mention syncing with your Gmail account. Finally, the possible option is to use one of many common programs that can recover lost contact information. One is to restore the deleted data contact information backup, which can be manually repaired. Therefore, if you delete important numbers due to errors, you can use this tool- Android Data Recovery to recover them.
If an error suddenly occurs, many (and possibly all) contact information will be damaged, requiring advanced programs like Android Data Recovery tool. Android system errors, memory card errors, or the results of other scripts can recover lost/deleted data contact information. In addition, you can restore messages, call history, movies, music, videos, photos, MP3 and SMS files. You can use this tool to back up computer data.

Steps to Recover Deleted Data/Contacts from Samsung A42:
Step 1: Perform Android data Recovery and connect to Galaxy a42 phone
To recover your data contacts, photos, connect your galaxy phone to your computer via a USB cable and run the program. Then move from the interface to "Android Data Recovery" mode.

Step 2: Carefully scan data contacts of Samsung's smartphone damaged
Displays the type of data you want to select to recover. In this example, select contacts and click the next button.

Step 3: Recover data contacts from Samsung Galaxy A42
All contacts found after scanning will appear in the window. Click on the thumbnail to view the contacts.
Then select the confirmation bar next to the contacts recovered by Galaxy a42 and click the recover button at the bottom.


Method 4: Recover lost data contacts from Computer Backup

Step 1: After running Android data Recovery on the computer, click "Android data backup&recovery" mode in the basic interface.

Step 2: Now connect the Samsung A42 to your computer using a USB cable.
Step 3: Two options of "Device Data Retore" and "One-Click Restore" are displayed in the basic interface. Because both can be used to restore backup files, you can choose between them.

Step 4: you can select the required backup in the backup list, and then select the data required for backup. After selection, click "start" to display all recoverable file types in the selected backup.


Method 5: Videos Guide to Recover Data Contacts from Samsung A42

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