How to Recover Deleted/Lost Audio from Samsung S10?

Post Day 01/26/2019 18:21

Recently, Samsung S10's rendering map and real machine map have appeared one after another on the network, from which we can see Samsung's design ideas for the next generation of full-screen mobile phones. Samsung S10's upper and lower borders will be limited on the basis of S9, thus greatly increasing the screen proportion, which looks very much like a 100% screen proportion of the true full-screen mobile phone. Many people will be curious about where the camera's self-portrait head went. In fact, Samsung did not learn from the current popular design of lift and slide-cover full-screen mobile phones, but realized self-timer function by adding a new camera technology under the screen.
Convincing that there will be a great many Samsung lovers excited about this big news. If you are one of them, and are also interested and long to buy one, paying more attention to more detailed information form the official website is considered to be essential. As a person who has had the experience, I prefer you to know more about some solutions when you suddenly encounter some frustrated problems like how to recover some lost data, maybe it will assist you at a particular moment especially when you are using a new phone which you are not familiar with. 
As a fashionable and helpful software, I totally believe that Android Data Recovery could give you a favour. When I first used it, I am not only surprised at its powerful recovery function that it can easily recover any sort of data including Contacts, Call Logs, Photos, Whatsapp Messages, Audios and so on, but admire that it could perform at any time and anywhere with just 4 simple steps for its inclusiveness. Supported by any Android Devices, it makes me no longer worry about the types phone, satisfying me a lot. Not much to say, please have me take how to recover lost Audio from Samsung S10 as an example.

Step 1. Run the genuine software.
In the initial step, please download the Android Data Recovery on your computer, then install and run it. But one thing I have to remind you that please make sure you are using the genuine one.

Step 2. Connect and Capacitate USB debugging.
The next thing you have to do is to connect your Samsung S10 to your computer after it successfully runs. Then you need to startup the USB debugged mode from the "Settings" interface to your phone matched. Just follow the instructions and click "OK" until it completed the process.

Step 3. Select file types to scan.
After you finish the two steps above, you will see the file types of the data all displayed in the window interface. If you intend to recover Lost Audio, please select "Audio" from "Media" to make your devices scanned, and so on.

Step 4. Preview and perform the recovery function.
After a short time scanning, all the results that are likely to be restored will turn up. You now have to preview them attentively, then tick the relevant ones and press the "Recovery" button to perform the recovery function.


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