Recover Samsung Galaxy M51 Data/Photo/Message/Contact/Videos

June 02, 2022
Summary: This is an article which will display several practical methods to recover your data, photos, messages, contacts and videos from Samsung Galaxy M51.
Accidents happen from time to time that data in Samsung Galaxy M51 get lost or deleted due to some system errors or man-made mistakes. Quite a lot of people can't find these data back or figure it out, for they don't master the effective means. In this article, apt ways to tackle these annoying problems will be listed in the following content. And if you want to know more, please read ahead.
Methods outline:
Method 1: Use Android Data Recovery to recover your lost data
Method 2: Recover backup data using Samsung Cloud
Method 3: Regain your photos from OneDrive backup via your tablet
Method 4: Restore your deleted Photos from Google Drive

Method 1: Use Android Data Recovery to recover your lost data
If you want to retrieve the deleted data files, Android Data Recovery will be the best helper for you. Android Data Recovery has a good reputation as a competent data protector which covers a large range of types for data recovery and has all-round functions. Besides, the high-tech skill and strong team supporting behind Android Data Recovery worth your 100% reliance.

You are suggested to download and install Android Data Recovery from its official website lest that you get the fake edition. 
Step 2: Launch Android Data Recovery after installation

Step 3: Click Android Data Recovery mode from the home page 

Step 4: Connect your Samsung Galaxy M51 via a USB cable and enable the USB debugging.

Step 5: When asked to select the data types, tick them according to your lost data.

After this, the software will start scanning your Samsung Galaxy M51 to detect and bring back the deleted data

Step 6: Choose your target data that you're to restore from all the detected data brought back and click Recover to confirm.

Method 2: Recover backup data using Samsung Cloud
Every single Samsung device has been equipped with Samsung Cloud since it was produced in the factory. Samsung Cloud is designed for people to sync and back up their data so as to prevent important data from losing. You can rely on Samsung Cloud to retrieve your synced data if you've once switched on the automatic-backup button.
Step 1: Open Settings on your Samsung Galaxy M51 and find Accounts and backups
Step 2: Go to Backup and Restore, then select Restore data
Step 3: Choose the current device you are to recover your data from.
Step 4: Confrim the data you want and tap on Restore

Method 3: Regain your photos from OneDrive backup via your tablet
OneDrive is one of the system softwares of Microsoft PC. It can be used for storing improtant data. And if you've once stored your data on OneDrive, it's much easier to regain your lost data.
Step 1: Use a USB cable to connect your Samsung Galaxy M51 with your tablet
Step 2: Click the Computer icon on the desktop and find OneDrive
Step 3: Drag the data or data file to your Samsung Galaxy M51 file and your data will be back on your Samsung Galaxy M51

Method 4: Restore your deleted Photos from Google Drive
Google Drive is a worldwide-used software which you can upload and store your pictures, videos or something. You can also use it to back up and restore your data from your backup if needed. Before using Google Drive to restore your data, make sure that you've switch on the automatic backup function.
Step 1: Open Google Drive on Samsung Galaxy M51 and sign in with your account.
Once you've synced your data in Google Drive, you can regain it at any time with any device.
Step 2: Tap the menu icon on the top left
Step 3: You can see Trash, then tap it
Step 4: Then you can see your deleted photos or videos here. 
Step 5: Select the data you want and click recover.

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