How to Recover Deleted/Lost Data from Samsung Galaxy F?

Post Day 01/26/2019 18:34

Samsung unveiled a foldable screen mobile phone at the San Francisco Developers Conference. Samsung called it Infinity Flex Display and said it was named after Samsung Galaxy F,at 2 a.m. on November 8, 2018. In the middle of the screen is a small semi-circle, and on the other side is a ripple to help close or open the phone seamlessly. Samsung's flexible screen in the live demonstration, even if folded repeatedly, still can not see folds in the folding center, flexible screen smoothness is very high, compared with today's "full screen" mobile phone design, the biggest advantage of this design is that when you simply answer the phone or browse the web page, you only need to close the screen, you can greatly save space. 
On the system, Google also announced that it will provide system support for folding screen devices. In the future, it will provide various development platforms for developers to develop and adapt folding screen devices. At the conference, Samsung and Google co-developed One UI, which can run on folding screen products and non-folding screen products at the same time, and this set of UI allows two different forms of products to have similar operating experience. 
The launch of Samsung's foldable screen is likely to lead the entire mobile phone industry to break through this bottleneck. We will wait and see some significant changes in the whole mobile phone industry. One view I want to put put forwars is that, as the foldable screens appear again, would it bring us another problems like accidentally delete some data including contacts, photos, messages, videos, call logs, notes, whatsapp messages from samsung galaxy f because of a slight movement we didn't notice? it still remains unknown now. However, as the industry of mobile phone recovery software are growing up, some experiencer could say they weren't anxious about that even a few years. As it turns mature, I want to introuduce it to more people--Samsung Data Recovery. Recovering and backuping whatever data including Call Logs, Whatsapp Messages, Contacts, Audios and so on as you like. You just have to prepare a computer, an Android Devices (OPPO, VIVO, Samsung, ZTE, Sony and more) is enough, then according to the simple hints appeared at that moment for a few minutes. How easy and convenient!

For more details on how to recover Deleted/Lost Data from Samsung F please browse down.
Step 1. Download, install, run and connect.
Of course, the initial step you are supposed to take is to download the Android Data Recovery software on your computer. Relying on the versions that your computer owns, please choose the corresponding one. After that, connect your Samsung F to your PC via the USB interface after it is installed and run. 

Step 2. Enpower USB debugging from "Settings" interface.
Next, please startup USB debugging from "Settings" till your phone has already been matched successfully. 

Step 3. Select file types to scan.
You now will see two blocks of data type in the middle of the window interface. Choose and selectively tick the relevant data file types under your necessities to let the data be scanned.

Step 4. Begin the process of recovery.
If the scanning process goes on smoothly, all the concrete items you have just chosen will be displayed in order. Then you could tick the ones you want to be restored, and press "Recover" to continue.

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