Recover Samsung C8 Data/Contacts/Messages/Photos/Videos

March 14, 2022
Summary: Samsung C8, which has a large storage and is of high cost-performance ratio, is especially a good choice for an alternate for data storage for it doesn't cost much and offer comprehensive functions. Besides all the fudeamental functions, Samsung C8 featured in its excellent photo-taking techinique. With a rear dual pthoto by 13 million pixel RGB camera lens and a 5 million pixel for black and white lens, Samsung C8 produces amazing photos. Samsung C8 will be always a perfect choice for you.

"I've got my Samsung C8 reset recently but I want to recover my lost Data/Contacts/Messages/Photos/Videos, how can I do that?" "How to restore my deleted Photos from my Samsung phone?" You may hear these questions asked all the time for they accidentaly deleted their data or regret clearing out the Data/Contacts/Messages/Photos/Videos but not knowing how to make it alright. If you rightly happen to be one of them, then I would say you are super fortunate because you luckily find this article. This article will figure out how to recover your lost  Data/Contacts/Messages/Photos/Videos from Samsung devices for you. If you want to know more about it, please read ahead.
Method 1:Recover Deleted Samsung Galaxy C8 Data without Backup
Android Data Recovery is exclusively designed for devices with an Android system like Samsung, OPPO, VIVO, ect. It's an all-around software which can not only help you recover the lost Data/Contacts/Messages/Photos/Videos but also offers a safe place for you to backup and store your overwhelming data. You don't have to worry about the security or the comlicacy for I can guarantee that it's absolutely perfect in every detail.

Step 1:Download and install Android Data Recovery
Get the correct edition from Android Data Recovery official website through this link, then launch Android Data Recovery.
Step 2:Get into the recovery process
Tap "Android Data Recovery" from the very home page

Step 3:Establish a connection 
Use a USB cable to connect your Samsung C8 with the computer to enable Android Data Recovery to detect your Samsung C8.
Step 4:Enable USB debugging on your Samsung C8
When your Samsung C8 is successfully connected with the program, follow the pop-up notices on your Samsung C8 to debug the settings

Step 5:Select the data type you want to recover
Tick those options of data types related to your lost data, then click "Next"

Step 6:Recover your lost data
The program will gather your lost data after the scanning, select the target data you want to get it back and tap "Recover" to proceed. When all these finished, you can find your data back again.

Method 2:Recover your lost Photos from Recycle Bin in your Samsung C8
Recycle Bin is a meaningful function of Samsung devices for it can save your deleted photos for 30 days. The deleted photos will not completely disappear until 30 days after. If you're in need of finding your photos back and it has not been 30 days since you deledted the photos, you can check the Recycle Bin and regain them.
Step 1:Tap Gallery icon on the home page in your Samsung C8

Step 2:Go to "Hamburger menu"

Step 3:Tap "Recycle Bin"

Step 4:Select the photos you want to recover and then click "Restore"

Method 3: Regain your deleted Samsung C8 photos from OneDrive
OneDrive is a program of Microsoft which can automatically back up your data. Ever since OneDrive was introduced for its convenient ability, it has won most of the reliance. Many people may use it to back up data of the phone to the computer. You can check if you have made a backup of your Data/Contacts/Messages/Photos/Videos in OneDrive.
Step 1:Go to OneDrive web and sign in with your Microsoft account.
Step 2:Connect your Samsung C8 with the comuter via a USB cable
Step 3:Search for the target data on OneDrive
You can either go to"My Files" or "Photos" to look for your target data
Step 4:Tick the options, click "move to" and move the data to your Samsung C8 file adress.

Method 4: Get your Samsung C8 Data back from Samsung Cloud
Every single Samsung device will be equipped with Samsung Cloud, where you can back up and sync your data of any type. Once you've ever make Samsung Cloud to back up your data, you can easily get them back to your Samsung C8.
Step 1:Open "Settings", tap the user's name on the top
Step 2:Go to "Samsung Cloud" and tap "Restore data"
Step 3:Select the target data you want to restore
Step 4:Tap "Restore" in the end

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