Recover Redmi Note 10/Pro Data Contacts/Photos/Messages/Videos

June 01, 2021
Summary: Is there a serious data loss problem in Redmi Note 10/Pro or other Android phones? In this case, this article introduces the stable Android data recovery software, and in a simple stage, shows the method of recovering the deleted files from Redmi Note 10/pro.
Redmi Note 10 Info:
With the new redmi note 10 product group, Xiaomi offers more quality features than ever before, but the price has also gone up. Redmi Note Series is a good deal that everyone likes. Buyers are very special about all the final features and specifications. India is very popular now. Smart phones have large screens, high-capacity batteries, fast processors, lots of ram and storage, but they can still be managed at less cost than rs. There is a chance of success Redmi note 10 is on.
Pricing by rs. 11999 (4GB RAM/64GB storage) and rs.1399 (6GB ram, 128GB storage capacity), redmi note 10 does not have a giant 180 megapixel rear camera like the more advanced redmi note 10 Pro max (first impressions). In addition, there is no 120Hz display like redmi note 10. But the three products share a lot of functions and design data, and what the overall packaging needs to provide will be surprising.

"Redmi note 10 deleted important data. Can you restore the photos/contacts/messages deleted from Redmi Note 10 without backup?"
After resetting Redmi note 10 to factory settings, all important information was found to be damaged. What is the way to recover lost data from redmi note 10? Can Redmi note 10 characters be restored in the memory of the mobile phone? Thank you for your help. "
It's very common to accidentally press the delete button when enjoying photos in an album. Bob's experience is also a painful experience for many people. In fact, redmi note 10 Android phones may cause data loss due to wrong updates, virus attacks, system damage, wrong deletion, formatting, factory settings recovery, routing, etc. If such a problem occurs, what is the way to find these files in redmi note 10?
Methods Outline:
Method 1: Restore lost data from Redmi Note 10 with Android Data Recovery
Method 2: Recover data from Xiaomi Backup app
Method 3: Recover Data from Mi Cloud Backup
Method 4: Recover photos from Redmi Note 10 Using Google Photos APP
Method 1: Restore lost data from Redmi Note 10 with Android Data Recovery
Android data recovery is the best data recovery tool that Android users can choose. Android design helps to recover the lost data of Xiaomi, Samsung, Google nexus, HTC, Motorola, LG, Sony, Huawei, oneplus and other mobile phones. To recover files deleted from Xiaomi phone, the best choice is Android data recovery software that supports deleted photos, videos, contact information, information, audio, WhatsApp, call logs and other data. Before recovery, you can view the data deleted from Android phone in advance and selectively recover. For some Samsung devices, you can extract data from broken phones, or modify Android phone system problems such as freezing, conflict, black screen, virus attack, screen locking, and restore the phone to normal.

Steps to Recover Data from Redmi Note 10 with Android Data Recovery:
Step 1. Connect the redmi note 10 phone to the computer
When downloading the program, please install and run it on your computer. Then the basic window to connect the Redmi note 10 Android device to the PC appears through the USB cable.

Step 2: When the phone is connected to the computer, the program will display the information of activating USB debugging in Redmi Note 10.

Step 3: Select file type
If the phone is connected, the software will sense the data on the Redmi Note 10 vice. Select contact, messages, photos, videos and other data, and press the "next" button. Scan data quickly.

Step 4: Preview and recovery of deleted data in Redmi Note 10
After the scanning process, you can see the deleted or lost files in the window. After selecting the option to search, click "recover" to save it to the computer.
Method 2: Recover data from Xiaomi Backup app
Listen to the Xiaomi backup application provided by Xiaomi for users. A variety of data can be backed up here. When the data is needed, it can be easily restored and backed up with a smart phone.
Therefore, when using Xiaomi backup application to create Xiaomi data backup, to restore the backup data, just open the application. Select the data you want to recover and press the recover button to retrieve it.
Method 3: Recover Data from Mi Cloud Backup
If redmi note 10 phone data is backed up to Mi cloud, you can use the Xiaomi phone to recover the backed up data.
Use Mi cloud here, based on the recovery phase of files removed from the Xiaomi phone.
Step 1: Please login Mi account in the device.
Step 2: Then go to Setting > Mu Account > Mi Cloud > Restore from Backup.
Step 3: Select the backup file you want to restore and press the restore button.
Method 4: Recover photos from Redmi Note 10 Using Google Photos APP
If you have take back up of photos from your Redmi Note 10 to google photos then you can restore then back to your phone.
Below, follow the steps to restore lost photos from Redmi note 10 using Google Photos App.
Step 1: Open Google Photos app and login to your Google Account.
Step 2: After that tap on three hohrizontal lines at the top left side.
Step 3: Next you need to tap on Trash/Bin and then choose the photos which you want to restore.
Step 4: Lastly, you need to tap on "Restore" Button.

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