How to Recover Deleted/Lost Photos Videos from Mi MIX 2

December 21, 2017
Recently, according to the official news, Xiaomi's full screen smartphone mi MIX and xiaomi MIX 2 are officially displayed in a cecrmony, which help by the pompidou center for the arts and culture of France. This is a very high praise of mi MIX and xiaomi MIX 2 for their design. I think the users will experience true immersive full display design with Mi MIX 2. Because the chin is 12% smaller than its predecessor 
and the display uses an 18:9 aspect ratio - a result of our relentless pursuit of technology innovation. On Mi MIX 2, the camera has become one of its biggest features, it uses a 12 megapixel IMX386 camera, xiaomi's four-axis anti-shake technology. Apart from these, Mi MIX 2 also utilizes a flagship Qualcomm processor, a dual ADC HD voice recording and other advanced configurations. 
Once you purchase a Mi MIX 2, you'll enjoy taking photos or recording videos with it due to it's advantage in camera. Also, with the time going by, you'll store more and more data in the phone, such as photots and videos. Are you in the habit of backuping your data? I figure that it's necessary to backup our data in case of deleting them by accident. After all, we are heavily rely on our phone and store plenty of significant data in it. But it doesn't matter if you don't have this habit and lost some data by chance, because I have a good solution that can help you recover your data immediately. Now let me tell you what it is.
Actually, the solution I mentioned above is named Android Data Recovery. Android Data Recovery is the world 1st data retrieval software for Andriod devices including Samsung, Xiaomi, Huawei, OPPO, ViVo, OnePlus, HTC, LG, Meizu and so on, has plenty of practical traits. Firstly, it can get your delected files back instantly, whether you damage the screen so that it becomes black and shows nothing on it or you delect some data with some wrong operations or any other situations. Secondly, it supports you to recover various data, incorporating photos, videos, text messages, contacts, call logs and so forth. It’s flexible so you can just pick out the file you need. Thirdly, it can scan your device for free so you are able to preview data and know whether your lost data can be recovered. I really appreciate this software, especially this humanized design.  What’s more, you are the only person who can access it, the software will not modify or leak any data on your device, so your privacy will be protected perfectly.  In addition to these, there are more useful features to explored.
Have learned so many features, do you consider that this software is practical? Do you want to recover some delected data in a short time? Now let me show you some simple procedures of recovering deleted photos and videos from Mi MIX 2 to help you master the methods.


One Click to Restore Lost Photos and Videos from Mi MIX 2


Step 1. Download the software and connect your Mi MIX 2

At the beginning, please install and initiate the Android Data Recovery in your computer, then click the "Recover" button in the primary interface.

Next, you can concatenate Mi MIX 2 to the computer via USB line. Meanwhile, please ensure the USB debugging has been feasible on your phone. Once your device is detected, you can catch sight of the screen as follows.

Step 2. Select file types to scan

After managing to concatenate your device to the computer, Android Data Recovery will display all the file types it supports to recover. Generally speaking, it has checked all the file types, thus, data both delected and subsistent on your device are displayed in categories. You can just pick out the type that you have an inclination to recover. For instance, if you feel like recovering photos and videos, you can click the "Photos" and "Videos" in the cagalogue of the recover-content.

Whereas it doesn't matter that if your phone is not rooted, because dr.fone will offer two choices for you: Scan for deleted files or Scan for all files. You are able to click the "Scan for all files" so it will scan for files more drastically, although it will take longer time.

And then press "Next" to go on the data recovery course. The program will analyze your device firstly. After that, it will carry on scanning your Mi MIX 2 to revert deleted data. The scanning course may last a few minutes, it's up to the amount of data on your device. It’s worthwhile to wait for something meaningful, isn't it? 

Step 3. Preview and recover the selected photos and videos

After scanning, you can preview the found data one after another. If you can’t search the file you need, you can type a keyword in the search box on the top right of the window. After choosing the files, you can press the "Recover" button to save them all on your computer. By the way, please make your phone and computer connected all through the process. Or else it will be unsmoothly and take you more time to wait.

Note: You just need to put the check mark in front of the box to select them if you have found the data you want. After then, click the "Recover" button at the bottom right of the window. In general, the recovered data will be stored to your computer.

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