Recover Oppo A54/A56 Data/Contacts/Photos/Text Messages/Videos/Audio

December 02, 2021
Summary: This guide describes what to do when you lose your contacts/photos/messages/videos/audio/call logs in Oppo A56 and how to recover quickly. If you are a user of Oppo A56, you can focus on this post and hope it can help you.
"Oh, my God! My Oppo A56 just deleted a very important text messages. I confirmed the backup, but the messages is not there. What should I do next time to restore?"
This is the general script for most Oppo A56 users. Because of the touch function, files are often accidentally deleted from the Oppo A56. Or, sometimes the file disappears due to a system conflict. If the document is a very important document such as contact information or confidential SMS, it will cause great losses and problems in later life. That's why you need to find the perfect solution to recover files.
Now people like to store contacts/photos/messages/videos on mobile devices to contact faster and more convenient people. However, contacts stored in the mobile device can be deleted as appropriate. Our oppo a56 phone may mistakenly delete your contact information, which may cause the phone number to be deleted. If you want to find a way to recover lost contact information in oppo a56 phone, you can refer to this tutorial.

Methods Outlines:
Method 1: Recover Oppo A56 Data without Backup
Method 2: Restore Lost/Deleted Oppo A56 Data from Backup
Method 3: Restore Lost/Deleted Oppo A56 Data from Backup
Method 4: Video Guide for Oppo A54/56 Data Recovery
Method 1: Recover Oppo A56 Data without Backup
Generally, there are three methods to restore data on Oppo A56. The most convenient way is to restore from an existing backup. The second option is to use data recovery programs from other companies. The last method that can be used is to take the device to the regional maintenance Office for more sophisticated restore. I will explain the following part.
Android data recovery can effectively restore lost Android oppo a56 data. Including contact, photos, videos, messages, call records, files, application data and other functions. It has nothing to do with accidental deletion, Android operating system update, Android root, factory reset and other data loss reasons. It has the most advanced technology to recover Android device data. If you use this program, you can easily recover lost contacts in oppo a56. The software supports most Android brands such as Google pixel, Samsung, LG, HTC, Motorola, Lenovo, ZTE, Xiaomi, Huawei, etc.

Steps to Recover deleted data from Oppo A56:
Step 1: Run the software on your laptop or computer and select "Android data recovery" on the left side of the window.

Step 2: Connect your Android phone to your computer using a data cable.
Please enable USB debugging in the device. This allows the software to access the phone's storage.

Step 3: If a list of all types of files to restore appears, select the file displayed as gallery and other types of files to restore, and then click the Daum button to continue.

Step 4: After the scan is complete, you can view a list of all the data found in the device. You can select the items you want to report and recover in advance.
If you choose recover, you will be asked the directory of the file you want to save. It can be recoverred directly on devices and laptops.

Method 2: Recover Oppo A56 Photos/Contacts/Messages/Videos from Backup
You can recover lost data from backup with android data recovery, if you install the Android Data Recovery, then please select "Android Data Backup & Restore" to recover your oppo a56 data from backup.
Step 1: First download, install and run the program on the computer, and then click "Android data backup & Restore" on the default interface.

Step 2: Connect Oppo A56 to the computer using USB.
Step 3: The default interface displays recover device data and recover original key. Because both files can be used to restore backup files, you can choose one of them.

Step 4: Select the desired backup in the backup list, and then click "start" to unzip all files that can be recovered in the backup.

Please select the required data and click "restore to device" or "restore to PC" to save again. During the whole data recovery process, please do not separate the phone from the computer.
Method 3: Restore Lost/Deleted Oppo A56 Data from Backup
Unlike the Android startup, there are many desktop and mobile applications that can be used for data backup recently. Cloud storage services such as Google drive and Dropbox are also a good supplement to backup applications. Take the Oppo A56 as an example, you can use the Samsung KIEs or Samsung cloud storage basically provided on the tablet to back up data.
Backing up your tablet using the methods mentioned above is easy to restore. For the purpose of demonstration, let's give an example of Samsung KIEs This is almost the same in other applications such as HTC sync broker and Xperia company. First, open Samsung KIEs on the computer and connect the Galaxy Tab Then select backup/restore from the top menu. Now select the location of the backup file and click restore to put the deleted file back into the tablet.

Method 4: Video Guide for Oppo A54/56 Data Recovery

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