Recover Oppo A16 Data/Contacts/Messages/Photos/Videos/Audio

January 08, 2022
Summary: If you accidentally delete or format valuable files on your Oppo A16? Or have you experienced a similar disaster and are looking for a solution? If you do, please continue reading, you can know how to recover the files deleted from Oppo A16.
Oppo A16 Info:
Oppo has a large number of devices with limited budget in the market, which meets the needs of users who only need large screen and large capacity battery for long-term backup. A series has played an important role in her work. Now she has oppo a16 in her wallet. Get a 6.52 inch HD + screen size phone that supports 720 × 1600 pixel resolution. The screen features an underwater discussion, where you have a selfie camera and give you a density of up to 269 pixels. The device is supported by the eight core chipset MediaTek Helio G35. Combined with 4GB random access memory (RAM), it uses a dedicated card slot to provide 64GB of internal storage space and can be expanded to 256gb. The new class a device includes a triple background camera, including a basic 13 megapixel sensor, a 2 megapixel sensor and a 2 megapixel depth camera. In the foreground, the self timer has a resolution of 8 megapixels. Oppo a16 mobile phone supports 5000 Ma battery and fast charging through C-type USB port. Other functions of the mobile phone are fingerprint sensor installed on the side, and turning on headphone socket and radiation below.

Hey, it's hard for me to recover lost data from a Oppo A16 phone running Windows? I just want to copy some data from my computer to my smartphone, and then I face this tragedy. It contains beautiful photos of my nephew, a series of songs, video clips and some files. Unfortunately, none of this is with me now. I tried desperately to get it back, but I couldn't. …!  Can someone give me a simple way to recover content from my Oppo A16 phone?
At present, with the development of science and technology, we rely more and more on electronic products to save our data. Sometimes we can't lose him. However, we may lose our mobile phone files for many reasons, such as wrong use, wrong formatting, wrong deletion, low battery power, accidental deletion, virus attack, etc., but it is not necessary When you are in a situation where your important data is wrongly deleted from your smartphone Oppo A16, the deleted files are still intact until the new data is replaced. The first thing you have to do is protect your phone and download the recovery program immediately.
If you have a smartphone from Oppo A16, you can do a lot of things, download some better features there, such as fast processor, help you browse the Internet faster, and a high camera With it, you can take photos like a professional photographer, watch videos on a multi-color screen and take them to the next level, and so on. Although all these functions are advanced, they also have some limitations. For example, they are not 100% data loss due to users' current and future data loss.
The most common case is data loss:
Almost all mobile phones have a "delete all" option. You can use it to scan the complete data of the mobile phone instead of one by one. But sometimes, using this option may bring you serious problems and give you a difficult time when you accidentally use your Oppo A16 smartphone. However, you can use Remo recover to achieve data recovery of Oppo A16 smartphone and overcome this problem. But at the same time, it is also important to understand the situation of data loss in order to avoid data loss in the future.
Disconnect your Oppo A16 phone without using the secure removal option on your Windows computer.
Format your phone's SD or memory card without backing up important content from your phone.
Use the reset factory option to restore the phone's original factory settings.
Store or download HIV infection data from unreliable websites.
Methods Outline:
Method 1: Recover Oppo A16 Data with Android Data Recovery
Method 2: Restore from backup data to Oppo A16
Method 3: Backup Oppo A16 data to Computer
Method 4: Recover Oppo A16 Data with Data Recovery
Method 5: Retrieve Oppo A16 Photos from Oppo Trash can
Method 6: Videos Guide to Recover Oppo A16 Data
Method 1: Recover Oppo A16 Data with Android Data Recovery
A useful recovery program - it can help you recover Oppo A16 phones, also known as Android Data Recovery, to get rid of problems. It is specifically used to recover several types of deleted Android data, including images, videos, messages, contacts, call logs, WhatsApp messages, etc. With the help of this program, you can easily recover the data deleted from Oppo A16 and almost all Android embroidery. In addition, the program can back up and restore disabled Android and extract data from disabled Android. Allows you to preview data before restoring.

Steps to Recover Deleted/Lost Data from Oppo A16:
Step 1: Connect the Oppo A16 to the computer
Run the program and connect the Oppo A16 to your computer via the included USB.

Step 2: enable USB debugging
In this step, you need to enable USB debugging on Oppo A16. Three different Android system access operations are displayed on the interface. Go to galactic settings to release your robot.
Step 3: Allows you to scan and analyze Oppo A16
Once the program detects your device, you will be notified on your device. Verify that the program can check your device for missing data.

Step 4: Preview and restore Oppo A16
After a few minutes, the scan results will be inserted into the following image. To determine which files to restore, you can preview a file before restoring. Select what you want and click retrieve to save it to your computer. In order to restore the integrity of the data, you will be prompted to save the recovered data in a different folder than the original folder. That means don't put it back on your phone.

Method 2: Restore from backup data to Oppo A16
Step 1: Run the program and select "Android data backup & restore" on the main interface.

Step 2: He took out a USB cable and connected Oppo A16's matepad pro to the computer.
Step 3: Select the "device data recovery" or "One- Click Restore" option on the next screen as needed.

Step 4. Select the appropriate backup from the backup menu, and then click the start button to preview and restore the data specified to be backed up to Warwick matepad pro.
Method 3: Backup Oppo A16 data to Computer
Step 1: Run the program and select "Android data backup & restore" on the main interface.

Step 2: Connect the Oppo A16 to the computer using a USB cable.
Step 3: Once the Oppo A16 connection is successful, you can select “Device Data Backup” or “One-click Backup” to back up files.

When everything is ready, click the "start" button to start exporting data from Oppo A16 to the computer.
Method 4: Recover Oppo A16 Data with Data Recovery
Step 1: Download, install, and run Data Recovery on your computer. Then connect Oppo A16 to the computer through USB cable.

Step 2: You can also find different types of data and disk options on the home page. Please select the file type to retrieve, select Oppo A16, and then click Scan to quickly scan your computer.

Step 3: After checking, you will find that the scanning results are divided into different formats. Click file to view the details of a specific element and select it. You can use the filter feature to locate files for quick retrieval. After selection, click retrieve on the page to save the data to be retrieved to the computer.

Note: if you can't find the data you need, you just need to click the "deep scan" button in the upper right corner of the interface to scan again.
Method 5: Retrieve Oppo A16 Photos from Oppo Trash can
Step 1: From the home screen of your OPPO phone, go to [Photos] > click [album].
Step 2: Scroll down and click [recently deleted]

Step 3: Click [Edit] or * [Select] in the upper right corner of the screen.
Step 4: Select the photos or video clip to restore.

Step 5: Press the restore option in the lower left corner of the screen. The specified image or video will be restored to the originally stored album and will not be deleted.
Method 6: Videos Guide to Recover Oppo A16 Data

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