Recover Deleted Data Contacts/Photos/Messages on OnePlus 5

January 06, 2018
The OnePlus 5 of my friend was fallen to the ground and got into the state of power-off. He didn't understand why this happened. When he restarted his phone, he was shocked because all existing data on his phone was gone. And the phone is clean as the result of using Factory Reset. He is about to cry and eager to find a way to get the lost data back, especially contacts, photos and messages, because without these data, his work will be messed up.

To get the deleted data back as soon as possible and entirely, the best and reliable way is to apply Android Data Recovery to help you. Android Data Recovery promises that it is capable of recovering lost or deleted data, such as contacts, photos and messages, from your device in a few simple steps and give your the perfect effect. It fits most Android operating system versions and earns a good reputation in data recovery industry with its highest recovery rate, for users all feel content with the effect of recovery.


Steps to recover deleted contacts/photos/messages on OnePlus 5

Step 1. Connect Your Device to PC
Install and run the program on the computer and you can see all functions of it on the main page. Here, we use the function "Android Data Recovery".

Then, connect your OnePlus 5 to the computer and put it into USB debugging to allow the program to recognize your device. If your device didn't get into the USB debugging, the process can't continue. To enable USB debugging, you can follow the concise instruction below.

Step 2. Select File Types to Scan
Here, you can see what kind of file types you can find back with the help of the software. Please select Contacts, Photos, Messages or any other types as you liked, and click "Next" to enter data scanning.

Step 3. Scan the Lost Data
Before scanning, you need to make a decision between "Standard Mode" and "Advanced Mode". After reading the description, please choose a matching one for your device. 
As a rule, we suggest you choosing "Standard Mode" first, because it works faster. If "Standard Mode" can't meet your demands, you can then try "Advanced Mode".
Click "Start" button to scan your OnePlus 5. The scanning may cost you several minutes.

Note: If you are asked to allow a Superuser authorizationmon on your device during the scan, jsut hit "Allow" button is fine.

Step 4. Preview and Recover Deleted Data 
After scanning, the program will show you how large the found data is and how many items it find on your device. Preview and check the items you want to recover, and click "Recover" button to keep them all on the computer. Soon, the contacts, photos, messages and other data you need are touchable on your computer.

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