Recover Nokia C20/Plus Data/Contacts/Messages/Photos/Videos

June 17, 2021
Summary: Did you accidentally lose your contact, SMS, photos, music, videos or call records in Nokia C20/Plus? Please check this page and find the best Nokia data recovery solution.

Nokia C20 Info:
Nokia is the basic Android phone, mainly providing services in the mid market, but there are few products for cheap consumers. Now we want to provide C20 form of supply type device. The phone will come with a 5.99 inch HD + display with 720x1440 pixel resolution. The screen features thick borders and provides a pixel density of 269 PPI. The cheap Nokia mobile phone includes the yustacin unisoc sc9863a chipset provided with basic 1GB ram, and uses a special card slot to provide 16GB storage that can be expanded to 128GB at most. C20 has a single 8mp rear camera and 5MP self timer on the front. The mobile phone is equipped with a 3040mah battery which supports charging through the micro USB port. Another feature of the phone is a USB mass storage device, face unlocking and headphone jack.
Nokia C20 boasts a 5.99 "HD + display with 720x1440 pixel resolution. The screen offers a pixel density of 269 PPI and has a thick border to receive the front camera. Therefore, the overall 18:9 vertical and horizontal visual display provides more viewing space. The power button and volume controller are on the right side of the phone. In addition, there is a dedicated Google assistant button on the left. The unlocking function supported by the software can be used to protect the machine.
Nokia is equipped with the house tower core unisoc processor on the C20. Together with the default 1GB ram, it also provides 16GB full board storage with additional expansion. The phone runs on Android 10. For imaging purposes, the Nokia device has a single 8mp rear camera and 5MP front camera.
Nokia C20 has built-in 3040 MAH battery which supports general charging speed through micro USB port. The connection functions of the device include Wi Fi, Bluetooth 4.2, 4G volte, USB OTG and GPS of GLONASS.

Before you become familiar with the Nokia C20 trash can or repair process, it's important to understand why this happens. Ideally, data files may be lost due to software or hardware related problems. Here are some common cases of data loss in Nokia C20.
Data may be lost if the device is physically damaged. Ideally, if the phone is damaged by water, it could fail and lose user data.
You want to implement Nokia C20, but if you interrupt during this period, including deleting content, it will cause serious damage to the mobile phone.
Malville or virus attacks are another common cause of data loss. When the mobile phone is attacked by malicious code, in addition to causing serious damage to the machine, it can also completely delete the storage.
When the Android version is damaged, conflicted or damaged, unwanted data loss may occur.
Users may accidentally delete data files. They often don't realize the impact and format the SD card carelessly.
Problems can also occur in other unexpected situations such as password loss, restoring initial settings, and not responding to the device.
Regardless of the situation, as long as you get the help of stable Android data repair tool, you can re search the data.
In digital life, there is nothing more terrible than losing the data on the Nokia C20/plus device. For example, you may have accidentally deleted your contact information. Or you can't see any more calls that aren't in the recent call list. Or at worst, all the photos and videos in the gallery will disappear. No matter how terrible the situation, there are several ways to quickly and safely recover data on Nokia C20/plus devices.
It's important to emphasize one point before we start Assuming that no new files have been created in the phone memory since then, almost all deleted or missing data can be recoverred. In addition, if you confirm whether the file is backed up to the computer or cloud service, you also have the opportunity to return the deleted data file to Nokia C20/plus.
Methods to Recover Nokia C20/Plus Data:

Method 1: Recover Nokia C20 Data via Android Data Recovery
Method 2: Restore Nokia C20 Data from Backup
Method 3: Recover data in cloud storage
Method 4: Videos for Recover Nokia C20 Data
Method 1: Recover Nokia C20 Data/Contacts/Photos/Videos/Messages via Android Data Recovery
Android Data Recovery Tool has been used to recovder the deleted data in Nokia C20/Plus smart phones. The software has powerful recovery function, which can recover data from external and internal hard drives, digital cameras, memory cards, USB drives, etc. This is one of the best tools to recover video, pictures, text messages, call logs, contacts, whatsapp, gallery and audio from digital media storage devices that cannot be deleted, formatted, corrupted, omitted, or accessed.
The tool designs all types of data deletion in all storage media and supports all types of memory cards such as SD card, CF card and XD card. Scan the entire storage device thoroughly. There is a powerful scanning technology that can solve the Android Data Recovery problem and retrieve all the missing files.
In addition, you can also provide file preview function before recovery, and access the files you want. To provide users with an optimal recovery platform, can restore deleted photos, audio and video files. Recovery tool is one of the successful tools to recover lost data from memory card, hard disk drive, USB drive, etc. it supports windows and MAC.


Steps to Recover Deleted/Lost Data contacts/messages/photos/videos/call logs/whatsapp/documents/audios:
Step 1: Install and run Android data recovery
After downloading and installing the software, when running the Android data recovery evaluation version, you need to register and update the version in two ways. Click the button below to get one for free.

Step 2: Connecting Nokia C20 to PC (Windows PC / MAC)
Use digital cables to connect Nokia C20 phones, tablets and other Android devices to your computer, and prepare to recover lost files.
Step 3: Activate USB debugging
Here, according to the different OS of mobile phone, the next stage needs to activate the USB debugging of Nokia C20 mobile phone.

Step 4: Select the file type and scan mode to scan Nokia C20 data
If USB debugging is enabled, the information to select the file type and scan mode that the application wants will be displayed, and the lost data will be searched in Nokia C20. After confirmation, click Next > start.

Step 5: Preview and recovery of deleted or lost Nokia C20 data
Finally, after the scan is completed, you can view the scan results in advance, display the data you want in Nokia C20, click "restore" and save it to the computer again.

Method 2: Restore Nokia C20 Data from Backup
Every time data loss occurs, the backup file should be confirmed first. But to recover from a backup, you first need to create a backup file.
Therefore, perform the following steps before deleting the data.
1. First move to Menu > backup > Restore Backup.
2. You must select "Choose" and display the data you want to restore here, and then select the Done option.
3. When all files are finally recovered, the device will restart.
This is a basic backup & Restore option for Nokia users, which makes it easy to save all data and recover when needed.
Method 3: Recover data in cloud storage
To recover data removed from the cloud option, you must first start the device, but you must back up everything safely.
Please follow the steps mentioned later.
1. Select "copy your data" from the two options available after starting the device.
2. Then choose "A backup from cloud" from the three options.
3. A message is displayed asking you to enter the user ID and password of the Google account that created the backup.
4. Then select the backup you want to restore from the available options.
5. Then select the data to be restored, which is easy to restore on the mobile phone

Method 4: Video Guide for Recover Nokia C20/Plus Data

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