How to Recover Files Photos Videos from Samsung Sd Card

June 21, 2016
"I like to make everything in order and keep neat. I have many SD cards to save different files. For example, I save all photos in one SD card and save all videos to another one. Fiends always say I am crazy and fastidious. To some extent, I admit that. I want to find the files I want at once and think save various files at one SD card is inconvenient. And generally, I don’t keep too much data on my Samsung phone because that will occupy the internal storage. However, trouble find me. The SD card for photos is damaged and I can’t read any data again."

To recover files photos from Samsung SD card, Samsung SD Card Recovery is your best choice. As world's 1st data recovery software, Samsung SD Card Recovery can fix various situation and recover your deleted files like photos, videos, documents and more on your SD card which inside your Samsung smartphones and tablets. In another word, the lost data is not lost because Samsung SD Card Recovery can recover the files you wanted from SD card through a few step. Its easy usage is one of the factors that users like. What's more, the program can also directly restore the lost data from your Samsung devices, as well as fixing the bricked Samsung, and removing the lock screen on your phone.
Alors, how to use this software to regain the important content? Please don't worry, just continue to look down.


Steps to Recover Files Photos from The SD Card Inside Your Samsung Device


Step 1. Connect SD Card Via Your Samsung Device or a Card Reader

Run Samsung SD Card Recovery on your computer, and then connect your SD card with a card reader or your phone. Choose the way you like.
Once SD card has been inserted, Samsung SD Card Recovery will detect your SD card directly. You will see the window as follows.

Select your SD card and click "Next"  button to continue.


Step 2. Select Corresponding Scan Mode to Your SD Card

Before scanning, there are two modes for your choice. One is Standard Mode, and the other is Advance Mode. Our suggestion is to try the Standard Mode first. 
If the Standard Mode is not successful in finding your lost file, you can always trying scanning again using the Advance Mode. But this will take more tiem as it does a deeper scan.

After choosing the scan mode, click "Next" to begin scanning your SD card.


Step 3. Preview and Recover Data from Your SD Card Selectively

After the scanning process, all results will be displayed in categories. From the left sidebar, you can enter the file of photos and more and check the items one by one.
Select the items of photos, videos or documents you wanted and then click "Recover" to start the data recovery process.

Note: You can search the particular files as you want in the top right blank box to find them easily and conveniently.
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