How to Restore Deleted Audio from Samsung Note 2/3/4/5/7

October 31, 2016
As is known to all,the comprehensive performance of Samsung Note phone is excellent. A few months ago, I bought a Samsung Note 5. Samsung Note 5 not only carried a Android 5.5.1 system, but also run smoothly. Most importantly, Samsung Note 5 has the perfect sound quality. Therefore, in order to calm dowm, I often listen to music with headphone.
Many of my friends also enjoy listening to music, and we often chatting with audio, but I deleted all music and audios yesterday because I want to free up more space to take more pictures. But now I deeply regret and I don't know how to restore the deleted audios from her Samsung Note 5.
Fortunate, yellow-heaven will set pays off, I found the Android Data Recovery from a samrt phone forum. In my opinion, Android Data Recovery is my redeemer. I perfer to using Android Data Recovery because it is not only convenient, but also professional and effective. With the help of this program, you can easily restore your deleted data including audios, photos, videos, call logs, WhatsApp messages, etc. In this article, I will share the way for you. If you want to restore your deleted audios, I sure this article will help you, and gain more unexpected harvest.
Tips: The Android Data Recovery perfect compatible with all Samsung Galaxy device, in the tutorial we just take Galaxy Note 2/3/4/5/7 as an example.


Steps to Restore Deleted Audio from Samsung Galaxy Note 2/3/4/5/7


Step 1. Run the software and connect your phone

First of all, you need to install and launch Android Data Recovery to your computer. Then, connecting your Samsung Note 2/3/4/5/7 to computer by using a USB cable.

Note: Please ensure that you've enabled the USB debugging on your phone during the connecting process.


Step 2. Select the file types and scan mode

When the program has detected your Samsung Note phone, choose the type of files like "Audio" which you want to recover. Then, click "Next" to move on.


Step 3. Scan your Samsung Note 2/3/4/5/7

Skip to the next screen, you will be asked to choose a scanning mode to scan your phone for the deleted content, either the "Standard Mode" or the "Advanced Mode". I often choose "Standard Mode", because it's more quickly, but if it doesn't work, you can choose "Advanced Mode". If done, you can click "Start" to scan your Note 2/3/4/5/7.


Step 4. Preview and recover the selected audios

After scaning, you can preview all the scanning result one by one. Choose those which you want to recover and then click on "Recover" to get them all back.


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