How to Recover Deleted Audio from Samsung C5/C7/C9

Post Day 11/08/2016 10:45

Only a month earlier, I bought a Samsung C7 which is a affordable. Samsung C7 is not only very beautiful, but also supported for fingerprint identification which make my life convenient and quick. However, Samsung C7 is very thin and its thickness only 6.8mm. Most important, Samsung C7 that use the technology of original can restored real-time online or local music. In my opinion, I feel very good when I'm seeing movies.

To be honest, I often take Internet as a supplementary tool for entertainment. I will see movies or listen the music by my Samsung C7. Last week, I accidentally deleted some audios from my phone. From statistics, I not only deleted the concert vedio of Taylor Swift, but also deleted a lot of movies such as Captain America etc. I was very pain and terrible on this issues, so I confided my worries to my friend Judes.
Judes told me that he could help me recover deleted audio by Andriod Data Recovery. Andriod Data Recovery is a wonderful software which can recover deleted data such as audios and message from my Samsung C7. Andriod Data Recovery also has other function, such as backup and restore phone data, unlock Android lock screen, fix a bricked Android, etc. A few days ago, Judes taught me how to recover deleted audios from Samsung C5/C7/C9 by using Andriod Data Recovery. Today I will share the way how to recover deleted audio from Samsung C5/C7/C9 with a few simple clicks.

Tutorial of Restoring Deleted Audio from Samsung C5/C7/C9

Before the resumption of recovery, we have to remind you that please as much as possible to reduce the use of your mobile phone until the recovery is completed, to ensure that the deleted data will not be overwrote by the new data.

Step 1. Run the software

Firstly, click to free download the trial version of Andriod Data Recovery, then install and luanch it on your computer.


Step 2. connect your Samsung C5/C7/C9

When you can see the primary interface, you can see four options on the left sidebar, the default option is the right option, you just need to use the phone's USB cable to connect your Samsung C5/C7/C9 to your computer.

Note: Please ensure that you've enabled the USB debugging on your Samsung C5/C7/C9 during the connecting process, and the program will detect your phone soon.


Step 3. Select the types of files as you like

When your phone is recognized, you can see your Samsung C5/C7/C9 in the software, At this time, you can choose the types of files which you want to recover. If you want to recover audios from your phone then you can choose the type of audio. If done, you can click "Next" to move on.


Step 4. Scan your Samsung C5/C7/C9

Move to the next step, you should choose a scan mode like the "Standard Mode" or the "Advanced Mode". The two models are generally similar in general, but if you want to be faster, you can choose "Standard Mode". When you can't use the "Standard Mode", you can try the another mode like the "Advanced Mode".


Step 5. Preview the recover whatever you want

After scaning is completed, you can preview all the data of your phone. At the same time, you just choose the data which you want to recover. After finishing the choice, you can click on "Recover" to recover your deleted audios.

Note: Please do not disconnect your phone during the whole recovery process.

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